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    New "Siren" Coming to TV 2018

    Looks like I'm late to post mine about this series lololol I was just so excited to tell you guys that I forgot to check if there was already an existing

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    Siren, the new mermaid series on free form!!!!

    Hi All I was just wondering if anyone's seen the trailers for the new mermaid series releasing the 29th of March on free form. To say I'm amped would

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    I'm I the only mermaid that hates H20?

    The show never really grew on me because of the teenage angst stuff - that, and I preferred animated shows. It was cool to see some of the underwater

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    Greeting MerNetwork. Merman Sean waving

    It is I [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2][emoji2]

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    Agent Dragon

    Wild South African appears!

    Dude. Your confidence is just inspiring. Can’t wait to get to know you better, you seem really cool.

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