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New 23-01, 01:53
New 23-01, 01:53
This town was in Edward Scissorhand
New 23-01, 01:54
But I never watched that movie
New 23-01, 01:54
You got me beat
New 23-01, 01:54
I love Edward Scissorhands. One of my favorites.
New 23-01, 01:57
New 23-01, 01:59
Ugh I'm so done with winter. It was nice this morning, then it snowed all day while I was at work, and it was super icy coming home
New 23-01, 01:59
I just realize I was eating M&M :-O
New 23-01, 02:00
I'll trade you. I miss the snow.
New 23-01, 02:01
I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine again!
New 23-01, 02:01
I'll send some snow lol
New 23-01, 02:02
I'll send some sunshine
New 23-01, 02:02
give it until morning, you'll see it
New 23-01, 02:02
lol I'll keep an eye out for it
New 23-01, 02:03
unless clouds are in the way of course
New 23-01, 02:04
I just checked the weather. looks like snow all week until thursday
New 23-01, 02:06
you are going to kill me. The weather is going to be dropping down into the 70's this week during the day
New 23-01, 02:07
It's been 80's all this month in Florida
New 23-01, 02:08
*pouty face* I want over 70 weather. we're getting low as 9 and high as 30 this week.
New 23-01, 02:09
55 is the night temp
New 23-01, 02:10
My favorite is between 60-70
New 23-01, 02:11
I'm happy with the 50's. I never adjusted to the tempture here.
New 23-01, 02:11
I must be getting tired. My spelling is getting bad.
New 23-01, 02:12
I feel you there. It's just about bed time. Its 11 here
New 23-01, 02:14
It's 1:14 here
New 23-01, 02:14
I'll be on throughout the day. I finally got a day off
New 23-01, 02:15
Well, I'm heading off to bed. I'll probably be back on tomorrow before I have to go to work.
New 23-01, 02:16
Sleep well and it's great talking to you.
New 23-01, 02:17
Good night everyone unless your just waking up; then Good Morning Everyone.
New 23-01, 02:21
You too It was nice meeting and talking to you . Sweet dreams
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