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New 23-01, 21:11
That the snius saver
New 23-01, 21:12
New 23-01, 21:12
That the finis. It's the reviews that mention the Finis one leaks more
New 23-01, 21:13
I think nobody has no clue how excited I am to find out about the sinus saver
New 23-01, 21:14
I know I'm still a noob but I'm happy to share what I learn.
New 23-01, 21:20
Awww. I was talking to some people from finis at the NC Mermania.
New 23-01, 21:25
Oops. My mistake. I was thinking of ear plugs.
New 23-01, 21:29
That suprisingly never bother me having water in the ears. It's always the water in the nose feel. My gut reaction is to breathe through the nose
New 23-01, 21:34
I learn through this bored that Finis seem to have one of the best monofins and ear plugs. Reviews on the web seem to reflect that.
New 23-01, 21:39
I want to go back to nc mermania. I miss all the friends I made.
New 23-01, 21:49
You'll make more friend
New 23-01, 21:49
You made one here on the chat
New 23-01, 21:50
Glad to see you made it home safely, Jon! It was great to meet you!
New 23-01, 21:50
then again I only count as a half of a person due to my size but that beyond the point
New 23-01, 22:00
Dan, I an still on the road
New 23-01, 22:05
I am in Indiana at the moment
New 23-01, 23:25
You are slowly making it
New 23-01, 23:26
Did you atleast go 88 mph as you cross the time zone? After all, you are jumping time.
New 23-01, 23:27
btw, drive safe
New 23-01, 23:41
New 23-01, 23:43
New 23-01, 23:54
I will be back in wisconsin tomorrow.
New 24-01, 01:56
Hello lovelies!
New 24-01, 12:20
New 24-01, 15:18
Hi Tula and Jon. Good afternoon everyone.
New 24-01, 15:21
How is everyone today?
New 24-01, 15:22
I am on my way to Wisconsin yet again
New 24-01, 15:26
Be safe with the drive. Hopefully you are taking pictures on the way back for the sake of memories
New 24-01, 15:39
There isn't much of things to take pictures of.
New 24-01, 17:09
I forgot the midwest was mostly farm field
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