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New 24-03, 11:20
New 24-03, 11:24
Morning, mers!
New 24-03, 11:37
How's it going Lanier?
New 24-03, 11:41
I'm doing pretty well! How're you, Jon?
New 24-03, 11:43
I am fintastic. So far. Just relaxing and thinking what to do.
New 24-03, 11:46
I'm loving the word "fintastic."
New 24-03, 11:49
I say fintastic all the time at work. Even my co-workers like it.
New 24-03, 11:52
The customers always say you too.
New 24-03, 11:54
If you get too bored, you can join me here: It's not the most exciting livecam, but I find it's pretty relaxing while I'm doing school.
New 24-03, 11:59
I will keep that in mind. Unfortunately, I do work today at 3pm my time
New 24-03, 12:00
Duly noted. I hope you have a great time at work when you go.
New 24-03, 12:03
I will. I always find a way to make people smile and laugh. Even if I tend to be a little fishy.
New 24-03, 12:11
My co-workers and I tend to have inside jokes. Some of them I tend to start.
New 24-03, 19:05
evening all
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New 24-03, 23:10
New 25-03, 05:38
hello all ^^
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