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Thread: Meet Up 2015

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    Meet Up 2015

    Hey, loves!!!

    Just curious, have we started planning a 2015 meet up yet? I didn't get to come to the one last year and I REALLY would like to meet everyone!

    Please, if possible, can we NOT plan it between July 15 - Aug 10 !?!?!?! I will be in Nicaragua on a volunteer trip and like I said, I REALLY want to go!!!

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    I believe another thread was talking about Chicago? I'd have to check though, can't remember offhand...

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    Chicago would be wonderful! Coincidentally those dates are bad for me, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skytroque View Post
    I believe another thread was talking about Chicago? I'd have to check though, can't remember offhand...
    We did start talking about Chicago but we never came up with an actual date or anything yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Marissa View Post
    We did start talking about Chicago but we never came up with an actual date or anything yet.
    Well, let's do it! I mean, summer is only a few months away, and people will need time to plan, take off work, etc.

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    Just curious, has anybody ever been to the Wisconsin Dells? It is the Water Park Capital of the World!

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    I love the Wisconsin Dells! If they allow tails, that could be pretty fun! I would also love to go to a meetup this summer, and Chicago is super close for me too!

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    I'm sure of all the water parks in The Dells, there has to be at least ONE that would allow tails! I mean, at the very least, it's free advertising! Of all the water parks, in a city full of water parks, how many can say that they will have a Pod of Mermaids?

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    I nominate Indiana Dunes State Park...I remember it being quite nice...oh...20+ years ago... But it's quite beach-like, and not too far from Chicago.

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    Oh that's even closer to my house! It is pretty nice!

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    I've never been there. The pictures look pretty though.

    So, so far up for grabs we have:
    1.) Chicago
    2.) The Wisconsin Dells
    3.) Indiana State Dunes

    Anybody have any other suggestions?

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    I also mentioned in the Pod of the Midwest's page, since they are so close and a lot of us overlap.

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    I'm rather close by. Will definitely swim by for one of the events. Sounds like a ton of fun.

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    I would be VERY interested in the Wisconsin Dells location. That's the only one on the list I would have access to, but will depend on when. I can only do such things on weekends. Since I live so close to Wisconsin Dells I will make mention for those who aren't familiar with the area... they have a mermaid themed hotel there and in the instance of bad weather, I'm thinking it might just be possible to get them to donate some free pool time for a pod of mermaids if the pod would be willing to interact with the guests and such as a "feature appearance" to promote the hotel. I have stayed there before... rooms are reasonably priced, clean, and good size and they have a large indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool. I am hoping that once I get used to my tail I can work a deal with them to trade me for weekend pool time in exchange for my appearance as their "resident mermaid" to promote the hotel.

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    Yes, their waterparks are amazing.. but that wave pool at Mt. Olympus, All most killed me!

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    I have never been to Mt Olympus or any of the water parks in the Dells even though I have lived here in WI for most of my 45 yrs... just the mermaid themed hotel, which was amazing. I have always wanted to swim in the river even knowing the high level of tannins in the water. Not sure what effect that will have on tails? I do plan to find and take advantage of the many beaches in the Dells this summer as much as possible. I think Lake Delton is a private lake, for homeowners only? But I know it's not the only lake up there, and I am sure there are plenty of beach access areas where we can find to swim. If this location is of interest to anyone else I am happy to make phone calls and do the research and check out locations in the coming months to help set this up, all I need is the guidance and to know what is needed. Since I don't work outside the house and am stuck here all the time, I have plenty of time on my hands to do this stuff. I'm so excited about getting my first tail and am eager to meet everyone around here that I can. I will be in desperate need of mer support as I dive into all of this, and anyone close enough to swim with me this summer would be a blessing. I am very nervous about going out into public in this area... people here are a little funny about anything "different" and I have never seen anyone around here with a tail before. This is surely going to be culture shock for my little town, lol.

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    Meet Up 2015

    Wisconsin Dells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mt. Olympus is one of my favorite places ever

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    Well, since more people than not have shown interest in the Wisconsin Dells, lets tentatively pick the Dells. We've been discussing dates in the other forum, and I forgot we had the convo going in two places.

    I vote either:
    Fri July 3rd - Sun July 5 (I know this is over Independence Day, but the Dells has some amazing fireworks displays)
    Fri August 14 - Sun August 16
    Fri August 21 - Sun August 23

    Personally, I vote one of the August dates. It is late enough in the season that it won't be overly packed, it won't be unbearably hot, and it's far enough away that we can plan and people can get off work.

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    We are moving this discussion to FB since it seems that more people see the info there.

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