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Thread: Pod of the South Facebook Group

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    I've been trying to join. My name is Tajia Denae Wendt on FB.

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    I also just sent a request
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    Just sent a request. I will message you my actual name.

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    I sent a request! Wouldn't mind joining any meets within a decent distance for me

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    As far as a big meet up is concerned, I'm hosting a meetup I named the Nautical MerGathering for an easy search. If anyone wants to be a part of it next year. Join the group I made and let me know what you want. I have polls up and everything. The meetup is for everyone, but it's something I'm doing once a year in Florida. I've also got a group set up called Merfolk Meetups to help include more people. Still, it's more like a bulletin board of things people want to do if anything. I wish I could make it to more meetups, but I have my hands full right now and can't do much far away . I just thought I would share this in case it helps.

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    Hi Nerine! Good evening! I just sent my request to joing our facebook group, and another friend Karla Tem Tem also will send a request soon! Thank you!

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    I just moved to Orlando from Michigan, My name on facebook is Kaitlynn Smith and i sent a request to join!

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    I know this is old, but I sent in a request to join!
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