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Located in Portland, OR Lily offers custom full silicone tails with a competitor monofin included.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Syren Studios

    It's about time I posted a review.

    It arrived in wonderful condition. Hardly any damage at all (aside from the damage that Lily fixed prior to shipping my tail out). Very glittery, and the colour was beautiful. it was carefully packaged in a large square box (as seen in my unpacking video, it was HUGE!) Along with my tail, it also came with two gifts; a knit octopus to wear on my wrist, and a necklace made out of the colour samples of my tail. It was a tad bit dusty and came with minor strands of hair but it looked for the most part clean (kinda comes with the silicone territory...). When i flipped the tail over to the backside the silicone overlap was very apparent. Even more so in photographs.

    Also, the hips
    Given that this is Lily's second tail that was made, i knew it wasn't going to be 100% perfect so it didn't bother me too much.
    Tail was heavy (as to be expected) but when I'm swimming she works like a dream... 4 out of 5 stars

    I knew what kind of tail I wanted so the ordering process went very swiftly (within 24 hours to be exact, my order went through without any complication). Lily sent me all the required details she needed (measurements, tail design, extras i would like), I sent her the design, she altered it to make it better, then I was sent an invoice through paypal for the amount we agreed upon (paid in full). My tail arrived within 3 weeks. 5 out of 5 stars

    Lily was very vocal and we were in constant communication with her. She was very pleasant. There was a slight misunderstanding with my measurements but we reconfirmed everything. Upon agreement Lily also agreed to send me WIP pictures. once every few days she sent me updated pictures (up to 3 at a time), and would update me what she would be doing that day and how my tail was doing. Lily was also very considerate and informed me that my tail had been damaged and she quickly sent me a picture of the damage, and then another picture of the fix up.
    Poor girl, she was freaking out so bad. She asked me if she could do anything to make up for it. Of course like a greedy little mer I am, I requested something small. As long as she informed me what had happened, fixed my tail and showed me it was enough for me. 6 out of 5 stars. (Is that rating allowed? She really went above and beyond.)

    First swim
    I slipped into my tail no problem (i used watered down vegan conditioner) when i went to my first shoot. After swimming for a while i noticed my foot would keep slipping out of the foot pocket. The monofin is a Finis competitor.
    (above photo)
    The fluke slightly makes my monofin visible if i put it up towards the light (something i don't have a problem with. for the most part it's hardly ever visible unless you're looking from underneath). 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    5 out of 5. I honestly have very few complaints and I am very quite happy with my tail!

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    5 out of 5 rating for Syren Studios

    And I am finally writing my review!!! (Structuring it similar to SeaGlass')

    Appearance and Arrival: 5 out of 5 stars
    I received my tail on December 24th, 2015 (Best Christmas EVER)! She came in perfect condition, there was no visible damage that I could see. In the light the tail has the perfect amount of shimmer while keeping my tail looking badass, which is exactly what I wanted Bad but Fab all in one! I actually received a gift that I was not expecting and it was perfect; it was a necklace with five scales that had the colors of my tail and it was gorgeous! The color was so much better in person than in the pictures, she had bad weather for weeks so couldn't really tell how it would look but I couldn't have been happier!
    So I ordered two custom sculpts, one being the dramatic side fins and an alligator sculpt. The side fins were literally the most perfect thing I had ever seen, the color blending and the veining was just great. Then my alligator sculpt was supposed to resemble the back of an alligator tail and she executed that perfectly, they are very rugged and kind of cut up but I was happy when they came out like that due to its more realistic appearance!
    I was slightly worried about the paint job because on the design it looked good but it could have come out looking like camo andddd I did not want that, but when I saw the finished thing in pictures and in person, it looked far from a camouflage tail! The tail was super heavy, but she's perfect in the water!

    Ordering Process: 5 out 5 stars
    So I'm kind of creative but not really, so when I ordered I had an idea of what I wanted (colors, fluke style, customs) however, I did not know how I wanted it to be laid out on the tail. She took my inspiration, reference pictures and made a great tail the first time through. Now I payed with two separate payments via PayPal; she was such a sweet heart and very patient with me, I paid her an initial $1000 so she could start buying materials, and she got my skin tone pigments and then about 2 weeks later I gave her the last $1560 and right after I sent that payment I was able to confirm my design! The tail was in line after two other tails and I received in 8 weeks which is the time frame she gives her clients!

    Communications: 5 out of 5 stars

    Lily communicated very well with me about everything every step of the way! All communication was good and never had any unpleasantries. If anything came up, she would let me know and she was always upfront about everything. I was anxious at one point but she let me know that she emailed me so far from the last email because she didn't have anything of substance to show me, and in my opinion that is completely understandable! She was literally the best and apologetic if anything came up, my tail was supposed to be finished around thanksgiving, however unfortunately weather in Oregon was not the best, which slowed down the tail process. It was a pleasant experience, and she was just great throughout the whole thing! Top Notch.

    First Swim: 5 out of 5 stars
    I got into my tail with really no problem, it took us a total of about 12 minutes, which I think is really good! To get into it, I used a watered down conditioner this time (But I use organic coconut oil now). The foot pockets are very very snug, and that's because I have wide ass feet -_-. The fluke and side fins look so flippin awesome in the water, my fins just give so much life and I don't have to even be moving! Anyways the swim is perfect, and I move so quickly through the water, I feel so deliciously evil!

    5 out of 5 stars.
    This experience was a great one and I have no complaints whatsoever. This is literally My dream tail and it couldn't have been made by a more perfect tailmaker. If you are looking for a tailmaker who is efficient all around then I definitely suggest Lily at Syren Studios, she is honestly a gem! I love my Syren Studios Tail, and the compliments I have gotten on it has been nothing short of one of the most awesome, unique tails they have seen! :)
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    5 out of 5 rating for Syren Studios

    I ordered my second silicone tail from SyrenStudios. I had been using a second hand Mertailor Tail that I loved, but ultimately it was too small and I was unable to wear it for long periods of time because of the physical damage it was causing me.
    I dont remember how I stumbled across Syren Studios, but I'm happy I did. I was ( I believe) her second commissioned tail, (3rd if you count the first one she made for herself).

    Lily was beyond helpful during the entire communication process. She was prompt in replying to all of my messages and emails. To this day, I have messaged her a few other times with questions and she has replied within the hour. while she was making my tail, she encountered a few issues with the silicone (no fault of hers), she immediately informed me about it (both by email and phone) and discussed our options going forward. I am located in Ohio, and she is in oregon, a solid 3 hour difference. Lily is probably one of the best tail makers when it comes to customer service. I am currently working on taking in the waist on my tail, and fixing some paint rubs (again no fault of hers, just normal wear and tear). Not only did Lily reply to me with detailed instructions on how to do my project, but she also sent me some pigments that she used on my tail so that I could exactly match the colors--free of charge!

    My first silicone tail was a secondhand mertailor, so I didnt get any creative input on it. All I knew was that I loved the color (deep wine tones). Thats where I started with my Syren Studios tail. I wasn't sure about design, or anything. Lily was incredibly helpful and patient with me while I deliberated (and frequently) changed my mind. She was quick to respond and provide her opinions. In addition, she was wonderful in sending me updates and photos on my tail progress. receiving frequent updates made the whole "waiting" part so much better!

    As stated above, Lily encountered an unexpected issue with a spot on the fluke curing properly. Although she was quick to inform me about the issue and we discussed options together, this did delay the arrival of the tail. HOWEVER to make up for some of the lost time, she did pay the difference to have the shipping upgraded to overnight (have I mentioned how incredible her customer service is?)
    The fluke I ordered is ENORMOUS, and arrived in an ENORMOUS box (I think the UPS guy was shocked). The tail was packed well, and wrapped in bubble wrap and surrounded with packing peanuts. Although a pain to clean up after I dumped them on the floor, I appreciate the fact that the tail was packed so securely.
    In the box with the tail, Lily included a few extra gifts (as well as a letter, which I wont get into). There was a necklace with matching scales, and an ADORABLE hand made octopus cozy for my coffee mug. I've yet to use him for his intended purpose, I'm afraid I'll ruin him!
    The fluke is very heavy, and huge. When held up to the light, you can see the monofin, a feature I actually like (I think it adds realism). There was a rough spot where the silicone didnt cure correctly, but again, I had been made aware of this. To her credit, she did blend it in well, and its damn near invisible from a distance. I do wish the paint job had been a bit more crisp. The striped "abe sapien" pattern is just a little muddy along the edges. I understand that this was one of her first more complicated paint jobs. And in looking at tails she has made since mine, I think her edges have gotten more crisp. I was happy with her seaming as well. although not PERFECT, they do wrap around to the back of the tail, and are not super obvious like some other silicone tails I have seen. I was happy with how they looked. The tail was clean, and undamaged when I unboxed it as well.

    So, I will give her a perfect rating on fit, because the error in the fit was entirely my fault. I had been warned that silicone was stretchy, however, after my experience with my mertailor tail, (which did NOT stretch) I had my doubts. As a result, I did not provide her with a tightly fitting waist measurement. I left about an inch for "wiggle room". That being said, SyrenStudios tails have serious stretch to them. As a result, the waist on my tail is a few inches too big. Had I known how stretchy the tail was, I would have provided a smaller waist measurement. The rest of the tail (hips, legs, length and monofin) are snug and comfortable. Again, when I mentioned the waist issue Lily sent me detailed instructions on how to take it in myself (instead of sending it back to her, since it would be cheaper to not).the scales are lovely, and I had no problem sliding into the tail with just a little bit of coconut oil.
    This fluke is HEAVY!!! I was a little worried how a huge fluke would perform in the water. I did not need to. although very heavy and floppy on land, the competitor fin inside provides more than enough propulsion in the water. The waist gap was easily covered with a sash. I still need to work on my ankle strength to flip this fluke over my head lol. but I love the realistic flop it has on land. I don't think this fluke would work with a monofin smaller than the FINIS competitor though. I would also not recommend this fluke size for a new mermaid or a mermaid who has never had a silicone tail before.


    I am thrilled with my SyrenStudios tail! I think she is incredibly talented. I have been following her work since she made my tail, and her quality has only improved. Her customer service is unmatched, and her paint jobs are getting better and better. I think Lily is going to be making some incredible works of art!! I would recommend her to any mermaid who is looking for a well made, and decently priced full silicone tail


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    5 out of 5 rating for Syren Studios

    5 out of 5 Starfish for Syren Studios
    My tail is a fill silicon tail with a competitor monofin, translucent blended waist, and nymph fluke design. My top is a silicone scale top.

    Purpose: Iím both a hobby and professional mermaid. I work parties, events, and do modeling. As not to totally neglect my family, I limit my mermaiding gigs and events to every other weekend, which means my tail really will not be used a ton. Which is good, it will last a long time!

    Appearance and Arrival: 5 out of 5 stars
    I received my tail and top on June 3rd 2016. The tail and top were very well packaged. The tail and top are GORGEOUS. No pictures do it justice. The colors and the sparkle are un-freaking-believable, especially in sun. No visible seams! Wonderful attention to detail. Arrived clean and sparkly and with a cute hair clip! She included instructions on putting it on and tail care.
    I love love love it!! I cried all over the place when I saw it.

    Ordering Process: 5 out 5 stars
    Perfect and easy. Lily was patient while my PayPal was being stupid and not sending her money. I ordered in mid-January and got the tail and top less than 5 months later. I didnít have a specific design in mind so I emailed her some inspiration pics, told her my favorite colors and that Iím a tropical mermaid who likes spots on tails. She has the same favorite colors so she was excited to design my tail. She quickly sent me back a design and she NAILED it, there was nothing I wanted changed. It was everything I wanted in a tail without even knowing I wanted it! A couple of weeks before she sent the tail I also ordered a top from her and it as well went quickly and easily and I loved her design right off the bat.
    Also, when ordering I told her while it wasnít a deal breaker I *really* wanted to get the tail by late June for a specific event and she told me that would be no problem. I got the tail and top several weeks before the date I gave her; so extra points to Lily to committing to a deadline and meeting it.

    Communications: 5 out of 5 stars
    Lily is EXCELLENT with communication. She emailed me progress pictures, asked for clarification on things, double checked with me with things before moving forward, caught a measuring mistake I had made, let me know when she was out of town, and updated me with where she was at in the process every step along the way. I could not have been any happier with her communication. Flawless.

    Fit: 5 out of 5 stars
    I flopped like a dying fish on my dining room floor trying to get into my tail for about 20 minutes, panting and getting discouraged. My second time it took about 5 minutes and the third it took about a minute. (I conquered the foot straps!) Nothing to do with fit, just me adjusting to the learning curve.
    I felt my blended waist was too high so Lily gave me some advice about cutting it down, I did it and Iím totally happy with where the waist sits now. I think my tail might be just a tad too long, but also Iíve only worn it 4 times now so I think Iím still getting better at adjusting it, smoothing out wrinkles, etc. Overall: great fit!! The top too is a great fit, very comfortable, and somehow magically makes my normally non-impressive boobs look awesome!!
    I should add I know a couple of mers thought there was some gapping in the back of their tails around the waist. Lily said she thought she had a solution to this and asked my permission to try it out on my tail. I agreed and there is no back waist gap! So, like the fantastic artist she is, Lily took criticism and then fixed the issue.

    First Swim: 4.5 out of 5 stars
    There were pros and kinda-cons.
    Kinda-con: Iím used to floating like a cork and this tail drags me straight to the bottom. The fluke is very heavy. On land I canít lift it while in it. (I am working on this and am determined to nail it.) I assume like learning to get it on, this will be something I will get better at with time and experience. I should clarify, the fluke drags me down when Iím just trying to float, not when Iím in motion. Which brings me to the pro.
    Pro: It swims BEAUTIFULLY. Having that much propulsion is incredible. I took a little footage and the fluke is so freaking gorgeous flowing in the water. The fit underwater is great too, no waist gap, drains great. I thought it was funny that I struggled with learning to swim properly in a fabric tail and then I put on this one and first time swam completely naturally like Iíd been doing it my whole life. It was a GREAT feeling and the whole time I was in the pool I was thinking, ďOmigod, Iím a REAL mermaid!!!Ē
    I have only swam in it once so far, canít wait to get in some water again soon!!

    5 out of 5 stars
    Everything about this experience has been wonderful. Lily made my dream tail!! Itís freaking incredibly gorgeous, fits great, and swims beautifully. I get many compliments on it and since getting it Iíve had a flood of offers to hire me for various events and modeling; way too many to be able to accept.

    I would 100% recommend Syren Studios to anyone looking to buy a silicone tail and/or top. Her prices are very reasonable, her tails are gorgeous, her artistry rocks, sheís very skillful, and is A+ on custo-mer service.

    Photo George Adkins
    https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/13516593_10206496662083322_866383616095811721_n.jp g?oh=52706fd068d8b75070d7ca6b4d1cee87&oe=57FEA326

    Photo Julie Megill

    And my unboxing video!


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