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ABOUT Undersea Mermaid Company:
Run by Mermaid Julz, this company offers custom molded latex tails.

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    4 out of 5 rating for Undersea Mermaid Company


    Julz kept me extremely updated during the entire process. Any time I contacted her, she replied quickly and all my concerns were dealt with as soon as I voiced them. My tail did take longer than the estimated time frame because of extenuating circumstances.

    The Tail

    I love the tail. The color scheme is true to the design and it is beautiful. However, where the paint is thicker, the scales are less defined. They are still visible. There are some glob ish spots where the stripes are thicker, but (if I'm not mistaken) I believe they were hand painted. The blue spots are also slightly raised and a few of them are rough looking on top. But this can only really be seen super up close. From any type of distance, both the spots and stripes look fine.
    The seam is beautiful, mostly because you can't really see it, and the colors are perfect. The monofin fits me great and the drainage holes in the fluke keep the water flowing out instead of collecting in a bubble. They also make draining my tail when I get out very quick and easy. The tail fits very well, with only slight gapping at the waist. (I'm working on a belt to fix this)
    It swims wonderfully. The tail is so floppy in the water, but I get very good propulsion and can swim just as fast as my spandex tail (probably could go faster once I get that belt).
    There are a few scales that look like they might have been messed up during the mold making process, but again, you can't tell unless you're really looking.
    The fluke is so beautiful and heavy. My (not so) little tentacle things are perfect and look awesome when I swim.
    Putting the tail on was both easier than I expected and much harder. Getting it on was a piece of cake, smoothing out the wrinkles is an art I apparently need to practice. But that will come with time.

    Overall, I must say I give this tail 4/5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.


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    4 out of 5 rating for Undersea Mermaid Company

    I've had my tail from UnderSea Mermaid Company for 10 months already! I've taken it out to the pool and lake so many times. Everyone loves it. After so many uses the tail still works wonderfully! A bit of paint here and there has rubbed off, but thanks to the pigmented latex, you can hardly even tell! I've had to repair the fluke a few times where the tendrils try to pull away from the monofin, but it has never been a problem. Kids think the tendrils make it look like a stingray. The tail has amazing and sturdy ankle fins, dorsal and even little black spikes! I had always heard bad things about latex, and I have no idea why. This tail is amazing!


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