When I contacted Pearlie Mae she let me know up front she was backed up and it would take longer than normal to get my tail, I was ok with that. She had come recomended to me by a friend so I was not worried. What I liked about her tails were the individual scales and that the pigment was embedded into the silicone, not painted on. She also had this really cool color shifiting pigment. I told her basically what I wanted and gave her artistic licence for the rest. She kept in contact throughout. When I got my tail I was very happy, the weight of the tail was what was expected for a pure silicone tail. the fit was perfect! My first test swim was in a dive shop indoor pool, the complements were awesome and everyone loved how in the sunlight it changed colors! Found the fin design she used (I asked for speed and strength) would also do the torpedo roll and hold the side stroke without any effort. Love my tail! Recommend Her!!