I am going to try to make this as cut and dry, and as unbias as possible:

- I commissioned a custom hybrid Tail of Art from Kariel JoAllen

-The cost of the commission was ~$6,500

-Her payment plan was: Pay by month, Production will begin on the 1st of the month following the final payment.

-I paid of April 2017, production on my tail did not begin until roughly August 2017.

-When I would ask about the production time of my tail, Kariel would get very defensive and over little, misleading, or no information.

-She sent me the fabric portion of the tail to try on and instructed me on how it should fit and what parts should sit where. I followed her instructions and the tail fit perfect, saving that the waistline
was a couple inches too high. I requested that she take off ~2 inches from the top of the tail.

-She promised the tail would arrive by Christmas.

-The tail was completed and sent to me in late January, early February

-When it arrived it appeared and felt to be much shorter than it should have been, I tested it in the pool twice and it began to slide off of my body both times.

-I took measurements of the tail itself and compared them to the measurements I had sent to her. There was a difference of about ~6-7 inches. I was able to determine that the length of tail lost was due to the portion of fabric that was attached to the fluke. This was the sellers mistake.

-Upon further inspection of the tail I noted that the fins were not cured properly, the fluke was not glued down to the monofin, the drainage holes were to few and too small, and the scale colors were not blended on the sides of the tail.

-The scale work on the back of the tail and the shape of the fluke were absolutely beautiful and were a dream come true. However the entire rest of the tail was lacking, rushed, and too of course, too short for me to use.

-Kariel refused to accept responsibility for her mistake (which was not planning for the loss of fabric length that would occur when the fabric was attached to the fluke), she refused to fix the tail or grant a refund.

-Kariel blocked me from all social media and blocked my email so I was unable to contact her further on the issue.

-I sold the tail to a woman from FL, upon learning that this woman *might* purchase my tail, Kariel then offered to fix it for her.