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Thread: Wyoming Merfolk

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    Wyoming Merfolk


    It seems from what is to be seen in these threads that the focal point for this Pod has its axis somewhere between Utah and Colorado. This makes sense given the strong population centers for the Rocky Mountains are the Front Range and Salt Lake Valley. However there may be a few Merfolk in the state of Wyoming and those would be of particular interest if they exist. Is anyone aware of such individuals?

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    I used to be! But moved to Missouri

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    Interesting change of location. If there are none in Wyoming then Perhaps there are some in Colorado?

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    I live in Wyoming! Near the Colorado border though, so it's not to much of a commute for the occasional trip to FC or Denver.

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    Even so it would be nice to do things closer to home from time to time. It would be great to have more going on in the great state of Wyoming. Near the Colorado border is a population center so it would be a great place to start. It may also be worth considering carpooling for those Colorado trips.


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