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Thread: Daytona Beach Florida Area

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    Daytona Beach Florida Area

    Anyone live around the Daytona Beach area? I'm in Ormond and would love to make new friends like myself!
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    Me! And WavyMermaidy. I've met some young kids with FinFun tails as well around here, but none of them are obviously on the forum. I'm very close to Daytona.

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    Im new to mermaiding and I am in Orlando area.......looking for other Mers to hang out with....

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    I live in the Orlando area. There are a few mers in this area too.

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    I'm from Jacksonville, but will be in Daytona the 9th-13th!

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    Im free all day saturday and on sunday til 6 when i got to pick up my kids. Just let me know.


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