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Mermaid Creations, owned by Jesse Caldwell (otherwise known as Merman Jesse) was founded in 2011 and offers silicone mermaid and merman tails.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mermaid Creations

    Here it is! The promised review for my silicone Mermaid Creations tail!

    The communication process first. Jesse is FABULOUS to work with. He responds to emails quickly, and he is very friendly. He was also extremely helpful too. I felt like I was working with a friend. He is amazing at listening to my concerns, helping me with the design (I gave him an idea, and he flew with it and made something incredible), working with me on getting the proper measurements, etc. Even after I received the tail he send me text messages and emails to make sure I received it, that it fits, and for pictures. Not once have I felt uncomfortable contacting him, and he has always addressed my concerns, even if I thought they were silly. Even after I had received it and swam in it, he's been great at helping me with my concerns about carrying it, putting it on, making repairs for the future, etc. He also emails you a care sheet, and gives you instructions on the easiest way to put on the tail. I honestly cannot rave enough about how wonderful he is to work with. Shipping was easy. This time, since I needed the tail quickly, Jesse shipped it via Greyhound Express which got to me in 2 days. I had to pick it up, but that was no problem. Actually, I preferred doing it this way because I felt I had more control over it (and that it passed through fewer hands, instead of going through UPS or FedEx or something). Jesse was great about telling me when he shipped it, where to pick it up, and even went as far as to tell me where the station was here that I needed to get it from.

    As a comparison (and I know not everyone will agree with me here) Jesse completed my tail in under 8 weeks. He communicated with me the entire time, giving me pictures and updates and Facebook posts, he was extremely responsive when I emailed him, and the final product is amazing. Furthermore after receiving the product he still contacts me and is helping me get used to putting it on, wearing it, repairs, etc. I don't feel like I got a product and was left in the dark. He's been a great friend through the entire process. UNLIKE what I hear about many tail makers that take up to twice as long for a product only half as professional for twice the price. With a purchase this big, there's no reason for a tail maker not to make you a priority and I felt like Jesse valued my opinion and my business by treating me so well. I do not believe I would have received this level of service, friendship, and professionalism from any other tail maker out there. Oh, and did I mention that his tails are amazingly gorgeous?! Please see Exhibit A.

    Exhibit A

    The tail itself is incredible. It weighs in at about 35 lbs, so it's quite heavy. The entire thing is pure Dragonskin Silicone. so it suctions to your legs well. It feels like a second skin on. My monofin is a cut Finis Competitor which is very powerful in the water. The entire tail feels as real as it looks, and it truly does make you feel like a real mermaid. Once in the tail, it feels so real and natural. It's comfortable for me to wear for hours in the water and out of the water. Even at work! Please see exhibit B.

    Exhibit B

    The tail looks amazing. And people have commented on how real it feels. The various shades of purple glisten in the light, and in some lights the tail is black, and in others it glimmers purple. It's really an amazing paint job. The back of the tail has the seam on it, and fins to hide the heels. The seam is almost unnoticeable It looks more like a scar rather than a seam it's blended very well into the surrounding scales.The fins on the heels are incredible. They stand up on their own in and out of the water. They do make it a little more difficult to put on the tail, and I'm a little worried that they will degrade fairly fast because the weight of the tail while sitting is always on them, but they are beautiful, and have been very sturdy so far.

    This tail is a beast. It's very sturdy. I've only had it for about a week, however, I have put it through some tests. It did well at work, and I had to flop my feet around quite a bit around my desk. In the pool, I do have to stand to get it on, and the heels have held up nicely. I haven't ever been to worried about the damaging the tail, not like I am with my fabric ones. This one can take quite a beating, even though I don't plan on abusing it. The best part is, Jesse has been great on giving me instructions on caring for the tail, as well as telling me what materials I need to purchase to reinforce it and repair it if/when I need to. And on top of all that, he has a warranty on the tail as well, so if I needed to I could always pay to ship it back to him for repairs.

    It's the most amazing thing I have ever worn. It's versatile, comfortable, beautiful, and completely real. People can't believe their eyes when they see it. I would give Mermaid Creations LLC an A++ rating. Want your own? Please visit his website www.mermaidcreations-inc.com and like is Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mermaidcreationsbymermanjesse

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    4 out of 5 rating for Mermaid Creations

    I am now the owner of a Mermaid Creations tail. I was not the original owner (or even the second) but I now own it and I love it. The silicone is thicker than some other tail makers tails, but for me that's ok. It makes it a bit more difficult to get into the tail, but I love how it feels when it's fully on. The mono fin used is a Finis foil. I can see the fin through the silicone in the fluke, but it looks like it's just part of the tails coloring. This tail is a beautiful tealish blue color with a lighter middle area and cute little black spots down the length. This tail has been through some wear already. Some of the coating is starting to peel off and the dorsal needs to be repaired (the two halves are separating). The paint job, on the other hand is still beautiful. Other than that, it's very sturdy. Jesse had put a pad of sorts of silicone where the heels are so you can't see them very clearly. I love that. There is also a little pad at the butt. It swims beautifully. I get so many compliments on it when I wear it. I would order from Mermaid Creations to get a custom silicone tail of my own design.


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