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Mermagica is the family business of the Davila family, who first entered the tail making business in 2008 after the family matriarch designed a tail for her daughter. Today they continue to offer fabric mermaid and merman tails.

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Thread: Mermagica

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    4 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    Today when I got my tail which was on time. I said I had to try it today. It fit like a second skin and the rapid monfin that came with it was fantastic. While in the water while swimming it felt like the skin of the tail was mine. It is hard to explain the feeling, But all I can say is WOW. I was over joyed on how it felt in the water and how it moved. I have nothing bad to say about Mermagica but one little thing. I just wished that there was a bit more comunacation between the buyer and seller, other than that I have nothing else to say. I would buy from them again.

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    1 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    I received my Mermagica tail a couple of weeks ago in the mail. I am giving the company 1 star, not because the tail was bad, but because they had the worst customer service I had ever experienced. The service was unacceptable, especially since tails are not cheap! Before you purchase a tail from this company, check their Facebook page and standing with the BBB (the last I checked they had 18 complaints and an "F" rating). They have serious delivery and communication problems. I will detail my experience below, but before I get too far ahead of myself, I do want to tell everyone that their tails are good quality. They use a thick spandex material, and Finis fins. I have had few problems with the tail in the water. I can tell you that the tail came in completely the wrong color. I ordered a black tail with a purple fin, and received a silver tail. The silver looks incredible, so I didn't bother to return it, but people should know that they did not complete the order properly. Also, I sent them proper measurements, that I checked twice (and had a seamstress check), and the tail is still too large in some places, and too long. It looks like they don't really use your measurements at all. I will have to take the tail to a seamstress to have it taken in, which isn't a huge problem, because my mother-in-law sews, but it's a huge inconvenience. The only problem with the fabric that I'm having is that after only 3 swims, the sparkle is starting to come off on places on the fin (and I don't drag my fin on the pool, it's just from swimming and the creases in the monofin). That's frustrating, considering I haven't put the tail through much use yet.

    The shipping was horrendous. I purchased the pricier 2-3 day shipping, and received my tail on business day 4. And, on top of it, they shipped the tail 4 business days late. Their website claims that they ship within 7-10 business days, but they shipped in 14 business days, and it took 4 business days to receive it. So essentially, they just pocketed the extra money I spent in shipping. The worst part was I needed the tail for a photoshoot and for an upcoming vacation. So I emailed them on business day 10 (at the end of the day, which was Friday 7/20) when I hadn't heard from them about the tail being shipped asking if they could have the tail sent before July 25th. I received an email from them stating they would ship it no later than Monday so I could have it by that Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Wednesday went by and no tail. Late Wednesday night, I got an email confirmation from Paypal stating my item had shipped. I didn't receive my tail in time (luckily, I had another to do the photoshoot in), and it came in on the 4th business day (Monday 7/30) when I got back from vacation. I attempted to track my items once they were shipped, but the tracking number I was given was incorrect, so I couldn't track my package. I'm lucky there were no problems from the post office for my $180 purchase, because I couldn't confirm it's location or delivery status at any time. So the entire process of having the tail created and shipped was a nightmare. Now, I know that many other companies have longer processing times, and I'm not complaining about the length of time it took. My problem is that there was little communication from the seller, and when I reached out, I was given misleading information. I understand it can take some time for something like this to be created, and I'm happy to wait, but I was constantly given bad information, incorrect shipping and processing times, to the point that I was preparing to dispute my charges with the credit card company.

    Sadly, I sent a final email to Mermagica when I received the tail explaining my frustrations with the delivery. I told them that I understand if they couldn't handle an influx of orders, but their lack of communication and shipping was unacceptable. I asked them to either refund a portion (or all) of my shipping costs, as the tail was not received within the shipping time frame AND it was shipped out late, or do something so that I could be a happy customer (even an apology would have been accepted). I asked them to do this, because I didn't want to post a negative review, but I felt people had to know what was going on with the company. I gave them over 1 week to respond, with no response or refund. I feel like the company took no responsibility for their misleading information, and late shipping. And I feel like I dealt fairly with the company in allowing them some time to alleviate the situation. As I have not heard from them, I feel it is appropriate to inform other buyers that this company is not a responsible one.

    I likely will not order from this company again, because I feel like I cannot trust them to be honest and responsible with their product. I would love to tell people to buy from them, because they have reasonable prices and good quality products, but I will not endorse them because of the above problems.

    This is a little bit late, but I wanted to update on how the tail swims. First of all, I have only had this tail since the beginning of August, and by the second week of September the fabric was dead. I think the tail maybe had 7 or 8 swims in it before it had too much drag to be functional. The fabric stretched way out. The sparkles and color flaked off very quickly. The pool I visit is lined in vinyl, and I'm very careful not to touch the bottom, but the fabric still wore through and the color still came off. I took this tail to Laguna Beach with me, and that was the end of its lifespan. With the ocean tides pulling on the fabric, it stretched to the point that it was no longer usable. My first spandex tail had at least 80 hours of use in it, this one only lasted for 20. I was very disappointed since the fabric was about $80 considering I paid $180 for the tail, and monofins are usually about $100. So after swimming in the tail, I would never purchase another tail from this company! I think a fabric tail should last a little longer than a month and a half. Especially since I take good care of my tails by rinsing them, patching them, etc. There was no reason for this tail to give up so quickly, especially since the handmade tail that I had made a couple of weeks before has lasted twice as long!
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    3 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    I have a Mermagica Super tail and am satisfied with it. I ordered mine during the WMA fiasco and was told I would have it by the end of August-I ordered it in June- due to the material I wanted being backordered. August came and went and I was getting no responses via email so I contacted them on Facebook and they got back to me quickly. I was told October and that is when I received it. I have worn the tail quite a bit for swim lessons and such and it is starting to show its wear. I ordered my neice one just like mine (as she wanted to look just like me) and I compared it to my tail- what a difference. My tail is still nice but it definately has faded and lost some of it's shine. My friend Heidi wore her red tail once and already half the sparkle is gone and strange white marks are showing through? Weird. We are working on neoprene tails and just wanted the Mermagica tails to play in. I can't endorse anyone else as I haven't used anyone else but I can say that Mermagica tails are great for one summer. They aren't bad as you can keep your monofin and trade out skins due to the low price.

    Their customer service is rough. With my neice's tail I received email updates regularly and the tail actually came earlier than I expected so my second experience with them was far better. The first order it was like pulling teeth to get a response. It took posting questions on their FB wall to get their attention. However, that problem was corrected this second time around.

    I would just warn other mers, if you want to do this professionally or regularly these tails are not quality enough for regular wear and tear. If you are on a time crunch do not order from them. They are in no hurry to rush these tails out to you.
    Once I finish my neoprene tail I am going back in and fixing this tail, making some updates, maybe painting it and then I am going to seal it with silicone so I will share on my page how that works out.

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    2 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    I ordered my tail on August 4 because I have always wanted to be a mermaid, ever since I was a child. I have a pool party planned for tomorrow (my birthday), specifically because I thought my tail would have arrived by then and I wanted to use my tail for the party.

    My order has still not arrived--it hasn't even been shipped out. Around the sixteenth I contacted them on Facebook about my tail and let them know that I specifically chose a pool party so I could use my tail and they said they would try to work with my timeline. I then learned that they would schedule my tail to ship out on the 25th at the latest. On the 25th I learned that it was scheduled to ship on the 28th. I was livid, and told them that if it isn't shipped today (the 28th) that I would contact the BBB for a refund.

    I contacted them last night to remind them to ship my tail today, only to find out in their reply that the tail is going to be shipped out tomorrow, ON THE DAY OF MY PARTY.

    I have paid $161 for a tail that I have wanted ever since I was a kid (I'm going to be 22 tomorrow) and $40 for a matching bikini. I went and bought a bikini at American Apparel last week, but regardless, I have paid too much money for my order to be handled in such a way.

    My original rating was going to be 1 star for their terrible customer service, however, I am giving them 2 stars since I haven't gotten my order and can't comment on the condition of the tail or anything like that. On Facebook I saw a comment from someone who said they got their tail after 14 days, which leads me to wonder why it is taking me even longer. At this point I'm wondering if I will ever get my tail, and I'm already planning to buy a monofin and just make one because I'm just fed up with Mermagica.

    This company hasn't taken TOO long to get back to me on things but there have been some messages they didn't reply to. They say they will ship within 7-10 business days but obviously they never did and probably won't. I think that any potential customer should look on their Facebook page before buying so they know what they'll be getting into, because, from what I've seen, a majority of the comments they get are from upset customers.

    UPDATE: I finally got my tail. It took exactly a month for it to arrive, and it seems to be in good condition. I like that I can adjust the monofin--never knew they could do that. The waist of the tail goes to my bust line. Bad news is, I ordered black and got silver. I love the color too much to complain about getting silver, though I just happen to like wearing black, and thought a black tail would do nicely. (I work next to a JoAnn's so I can always go there to make myself a black one.) As today (9/4/12) is my friday, and since I live not too far from a pool, I plan to take it out for a test swim to check out the condition of my tail. I'll probably add one more update to this review on how well it goes.

    EDITED TO ADD: So a couple weeks ago I ordered another tail skin from them. I got the right color ('Atlantis'), which was nice, but I wasn't expecting purple, green and gold. I was expecting a sort of olive-y color with gold, since that's what the green and purple looked like in the picture. So, if anyone is reading this and planning to order from Mermagica, be careful with 'Atlantis' and that other color that looks similar to it, because you'll probably be getting Mardi Gras colors instead of something darker.

    I have a like-dislike relationship with Atlantis. I think Atlantis is very pretty, and it reminds me of dragons for some reason. I look good in it as well, and I love the feel of the material. However, I'm not the type of person who wears a lot of vibrant colors--my wardrobe is all-black! I'll have to get a different top to wear with this tail because I'm not sure if my black one is going to cut it. Hopefully the color grows on me.
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    1 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM MERMAGICA!! We placed our order December 2nd and from their website tweets (which we have a copy of) we believed that the tail would get to our home in time for Christmas. We live in California, so it was domestic shipping. When December 17th came around and nothing sent, I made a call and actually talked to a female associate, and was told that they would express mail the tail in time for Christmas. WRONG!! We had to write a letter from us on Christmas Eve stating that this was her major gift and that the company didn't get it here on time. Luckily, we have an awesome daughter, but we were totally heartbroken for her. They DO NOT respond to emails! There is NO customer service and we even gave them an extra month to get the tail to us as we started the refund procedure in mid January 2013.Thank goodness we bought through Pay Pal where we expidited our refund and are now looking for another company to get a tail for our daughter. BUYER'S BEWARE. Purchase at your own risk!! Mermagica, Thank you for screwing up my daughter's Christmas. It will not be forgotten as this is the first of many public posts!

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    3 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    I Got my first Mermaid Tail from Mermagica.
    i got a super tail in gold.
    When i received my tail it was nicely packed in a plastic bag with temporary tattoos and stickers.
    The fabric if very poor and week it ripped on my first swim.
    when you get out of the water you can see the dark colored monfin which was not good for my private mermaid show.
    There is WAY to much fabric. The tail can go to over my head to my tail.
    well i would recommend it for a first tail and if your not making a show.
    But beware of customer service.
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    4 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    I got a gold tail when I was 9 and it still fits me perfectly 5 years from then! I love it!

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    3 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    So I figured I would FINALLY write a review about Mermagica.

    1) Customer service: I was 10 at the time, so my parents ordered the tail for me and it was my Christmas present so I didn't know, but my mom later told me that the customer service wasn't great, it took them a while to answer questions.

    2) The tail: Most of my measurements were right at the time, but the tail was simply too long! If I pulled on it, it would reach past my boobs so...
    The colour was absolutely beautiful, not a tacky design, just a sparkly green material, I was in love!

    3) Swimming: My monofin was a size 6 US so it fit me well at the time, but the next year I was a 7 and a half so the monofin was very tight. It was a finis wave, so I had TONS of propulsion for ocean swimming, and it was the perfect size for tiny me. After my first swim in a lazy river at a hotel, I scraped off EVERY sparkle on the heels. Oh well... After a few more swims, every sparkle came off, and I started finding them everywhere in my house. I went to Florida a year later, and the pool that I had lost all my sparkles in STILL HAD FREAKING SPARKLES. They were sitting at the bottom of the pool, which surprised me as I hadn't swum there in a year. oops.

    4) Longetivity: My tail only lasted me two summers, (which for me is about 7 weeks because I don't have a pool) which bummed me out, but IT WAS BECAUSE I NEVER WASHED IT! I always swam at the beach, and never thought about how salt damages plastic, rubber and fabric, so the straps on my monofin broke, and the fabric faded, but whatever, the monofin was too small anyway.

    I cried all day as that was still in the middle of my vacation.

    I later found a way to TIE the strap back on, but after another couple weeks it broke again, so I tied it again, until I had a very tight strap that snapped on my last swim. :(

    At least I had a reason to buy a new tail!

    Overall this tail was great, and I would recommend the company, but heads up, the sparkles won't last long and if you don't rinse your tail ever then you'll have problems. The sizing is okay, but your tail may be a little too baggy (or too tight). :)

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    1 out of 5 rating for Mermagica

    Custom Adult Fabric Tail Mermagica https://www.facebook.com/MermaidAdri...type=3&theater

    - my tail came with a fin inside which was strong and durable
    - Had a durable elastic waist band
    - Late shipping
    - scales were backwards
    - no contact between customer service and me at all.... i failed 5 times to get their attention after I received my crappy tail
    - air was getting trapped in the tail
    - i received the wrong coloured tail (I originally ordered blue but received purple)
    - wasnt worth the money I paid for it.


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