Manufacturer: Eric Ducharme

Mertailor is the business and nickname of Eric Ducharme, who began selling fabric tails as a teenager around 2005. He sells full and partial silicone tails, as well as silicone tails made with tin cure silicone, as well as accessories.

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Thread: Mertailor

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    4 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    Latex Tail Review

    Rated: 4 out of 5

    ETA: The product I ordered was the "Realistic" tail (Alex over neoprin.) I remember paying around $500 for it.

    I ordered my realistic tail from Mertailor in April of 2010 and received it in early June. Minor issues: it gaps a little by the waist. I have the same problem with pants, though, and a pretty mermaid belt fixed the issue. I decided not to tailor it because I was nervous about gunking up my sewing machine with silicone lubricant on the needle. It was also very difficult to get into, but that's the nature of the beast- in order to avoid wrinkling, the ankle area must be tight, and it's hard to get my hands in there to get my feet into the monofin. I solved the problem by putting a little bit of vaseline on my feet, and now they slide right in! It's much easier to get into if you have help, since it's so tight. I have a dedicated boyfriend who's learned all the tricks to helping me get it on. I also use a bungee cord to pull the straps up. I wish I had known these tips sooner, as it would have saved me some trouble. Pros: This tail is a dream to swim in. Treading water is a breeze- one slow back and forth motion sustains me for several seconds. The fluke is quite large, which is great- not only does it make the tail look proportionate when it's on, it provides a lot of power. It's beautiful both in and out of the water. The way the fluke moves through the water is stunning. I have taken this tail to conventions and the beach and it has been a huge hit every time. When I ordered it, I asked for the original fluke shape instead of the newer shape shown on the website, and Eric did this for me. I love my tail, and I'm glad I bought it.It has been repainted since I got it. Due to the nature of this product, if you use it alot, the paint needs to be touched up every so often. This didn't take long for me to do, and didn't prevent me from using the tail at all.

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    3 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    Koi fish latex review

    Rated: 3 out of 5

    I ordered a Koi fish colored latex mermaid tail on September 7/2011, I received the tail on February 1/2012. The whole process took roughly 6 months due to several reasons that will be explained later. I bought the tail for both recreational and professional purposes with high hopes in mind. They were mostly fulfilled. The ordering process was fairly easy, I had a friend help me with my measurements and sent them off. Unfortunately Finis ran out of Monofins during my order which set everything back until November 26/2011 when Eric had messaged me to let me know that the monofins had arrived. Although I had recieved a message from him stating that myself and a few other tails were going to be upgraded similar to the silicone tails with custom monofins. This to my knowledge never happened.

    I was ecstatic and couldn't wait until I had gotten it. 3 days later I had contacted Eric about my measurements, although my belly button to floor was correct, being plus sized I was worried about the back end of my tail. He agreed to lengthen the back of my tail. After roughly a months wait I was very disappointed to hear that my tail had been painted Aqua instead of Koi (On december 14, 2011). However I was promised it would be fixed as soon as possible and sent off in a few weeks. January 16 I asked for an update on how things were going and received a message that My tail was once again painted the wrong color (green). I was extremely disappointed but figured good things come to those who wait, so I did. I would also like to point out that during this period of time every time I emailed him I waited 4-5 days, then to get a response I had to ask a question about my tail on facebook. He would promptly delete it and email me back.

    My tail came on February 1/2012 and I was ecstatic when I opened the package, I couldn't wait to open it, after sifting through the packing peanuts I eagerly laid it out on the floor and tried it on. After a few moments struggling with the monofin I was able to pull it on. The coloring on the tail was very good, although the paint from the previous mis-paintings showed through the silver a lot. I don't mind though because I think it gives it a neat dimension. I did notice however that in some spots where the seams pull you can see a green stripe plainly as the tail was not taken apart to repaint.

    The tail was too short, and didn't cover my back end very well, and the thigh part was very baggy. I contacted Eric and he was happy to make me a scale swatch and instructed me how to fix the issues since I couldn't afford to ship it back for him to fix it himself. The ankles also wrinkle a lot, though Eric told me that I needed to point my toes out like a ballerina to fix this. It helps some but not totally. The scales themselves do have some imperfections, though when something is hand made this is to be expected and they weren't too bad at all. I was able to take it for a swim on February 10/2012 and was surprised at the ease of swimming. The colors were brighter and more vivid in the water, and it looked amazing. I enjoyed 2 days of swimming in a pool at a hotel immensely, however on the second day I was dismayed to see that the paint was peeling off in large chunks as I was rinsing it out. Again I messaged Eric with my concerns and he told me how to fix it. However after doing a dry event I've also noticed that after wearing it for a grand total of 3 days the neoprene is already pulling away from the latex at the top edge of the tail. There are also large drips of latex on the inside of the tail which rub my legs and chaff them.

    He offered to make me a brand new tail, and the scale swatch, which after waiting 5 months and still not getting it I questioned when it would be ready. He then told me that he would not give me an estimated time of shipping and it would basically get done when it got done. He also stated that he felt NONE of this was his fault. That even though I contact him about extending the back to 43 inches 'it wouldn't have made any difference in fit'(belly button to floor is 39"). At this point I let him know that I was going to talk to a lawyer about what can be done. Within minutes I had a full refund.

    I then ordered a scale addition from another source, and while it hasn't arrived yet I was getting my tail ready for when it would arrive, as I rolled the tail down to mark where I"m going to fix the thigh part I noticed something that seemed rather odd to me. There are marks where the tail had been sewn before, but bigger. Like the tail had been made for someone else, then in a hurry he took it in to fit my measurements. I had suspected that with it being painted the WRONG color TWO times that it might not have been 'my' tail, but this has confirmed it in my mind.

    Also after swimming for some time in it this summer I've also noticed that the fluke gets so heavy my big toes near the joint gets badly bruised after using it.

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    3 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    My experience with Mertailor

    Rated: 3 out of 5

    Keeping this review short and sweet...Pros:-I have a tail!-My tail is very pretty-I didn't wait as long as others have-The workmanship on it is goodCons:-Customer service is not a strong point-Contacting anyone at Mertailor takes lots of patience...I suggest emailing...then calling...then Facebooking-Lots of excuses on why my tail took so long..in the order I received them, "monofin is being installed, monofin is on back order, tail is being painted, tail will be shipped this week, family issues, monofin is on back order."-My tail colors are dull and came to me chipped-My sizing is WAY off...I cut 2 inches off of my bum and waist measurements...a tight tail is a happy merman-My first water test I swam OUT of my tail-There is blue paint down the right side of my tail-----------------------------------------------If you happen across this Eric, I am so excited that you made a tail for me! My only real complaint on my tail is I had to pay for it to be resized to fit me. Customer service needs to be overhauled, and care should be taken when painting or drying...like I stated above, there is a strip of blue down the right side of my orange tail.I would recommend his tails...but know that you might have to apply a thick coat of elbow grease to make it just right for you, and be prepared for a long wait and low customer service.

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    3 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    Mertailor Review

    Rated: 3 out of 5

    Customer Service: I first ordered my Mertailor realistic latex tail on January 6, 2012. I requested an update on my tail and on February 24 Eric told me it would be shipped out by the end of the next week. I was so excited to get my tail. In March I was told that my tail was being “painted and is being completed this week. Should be sent out Friday, March 16, 2012. If not this date, for sure Monday, March 19th 2012.” He said his father just came home from a nursing home so I gave him the benefit of the doubt; family is very important and I completely understood that. I never heard about it being shipped so I sent another e-mail, and was told the monofin was being put in that day and that “That is the LAST part to this whole process.” Another week later I ask for another update, and he says he will get in touch with me the next day (he didn’t). Tired of no response and continuous delays I write him another e-mail April 10th, over 13 weeks since my order. At the time his website said production time takes 5-10 weeks, but I noticed it now says 6-12. In this e-mail I told him I would have to contact the Better Business Bureau if we couldn’t resolve this issue. He responded the same day. He then told me, “I have been waiting to receive a final piece of product to finish your tail, which I now have. The tail will be shipped out by the end of this week.” I was confused what piece he could have been waiting for since he told me March 21 he was putting in the monofin (last part of the process). The tail was not shipped out by the end of the week, so I filed a complaint with the BBB. It finally shipped on April 24th, over 15 weeks after I ordered it.

    : Despite all the problems I had dealing with him, I was still very excited to get my tail. There were some paint splatters and writing on the inside lining of the tail, but I didn’t care because I knew it wouldn’t show.

    At first I was worried about squeezing into it, but I soon discovered the waist and hip areas were a little loose. It didn’t seem too bad at first, at least not dry. As soon as I took it for my first swim, however, I noticed just how baggy it was. I believe that the water filled up my fluke which created drag and slowed me down. I also had to keep pulling it up to keep my butt from showing. I do wear swim bottoms but they tend to ride down with my tail on while swimming. Despite the drag, I found I do swim much faster with the tail than without. Whenever I try to swim without it now I feel like I’m not going anywhere! After only one or two uses I noticed the paint starting to flake off, especially in the heels.

    It is partially my fault for the heels anyway because I did touch the bottom with my feet a couple of times. It still came off too easy though in my opinion. There are also random areas where paint is coming off as well. There are also areas where the paint just looks goopy.

    Speaking of paint, my tail is two different colors. Similar, but not the same. One side is more purple, the other is more blue. I also just noticed the scales aren’t even facing the same way on both sides. One side the scales are more horizontal, and the other side they are more vertical.

    Response: I sent an e-mail to Eric about the paint and sizing issue. He offered to send me some paint but has not contacted me since. He said I could send the tail back to him to resize, or I could find a tailor to do it or do it myself. The shipping will probably cost as much as a tailor would charge, plus I don’t want my tail to be sitting there not getting fixed for however long.

    Bottom Line: I still enjoy my tail, and people at my apartment complex seem to think it is pretty cool. Had I known that I would have had all these issues, I might not have purchased this tail. One of the main things that drew me to the Mertailor was the price. Still pricey for me, but I wanted a “realistic tail” that I could afford. Next time I will save up some more money and get a better quality tail and order from someone with much better customer service.

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    4 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    Great Fit while Dry- Too Big when Wet

    Rated: 4 out of 5

    I contacted Eric a few times over the years about a mermaid tail. He was really rude and non-accommodating that I held of a long time before buying from him.When I did order my tail, it was 4 months late.Eric also failed to reply to my emails when I asked how the progress was going.Twice he said the tail was on it's way, just had been behind because of "family emergencies". But it never was "on it's way"So when the tail arrived, I was really happy- HOWEVER there was a MASSIVE VINEGAR smell that almost spread green clouds of gas into my home hahaha...that's how it felt anyway because it was just so strong.I wiped the baby powder away and tried it on and it fit my body perfectly. My feet couldn't fit in at first because silicone was over-poured into the foot pockets, but I just reached in and grabbed it out.I ordered the tail in "metallic goldfish" but repainted it the moment I got it.It was easy to paint, I love his silicone fluke "marks" very natural and "random" which make it more realistic (he didn't use a "mold" for it).I had a birthday party to do and in only a 3 ft pool. The tail was really heavy and I could barely lift up the fluke to show people (swimming was effortless though). When I got picked up out of the pool there must have been a bath tub full of water that poured out of my tail and drenched everyone around me (not to mention soaked my boyfriend who carried me!)I ended up taking in the sides on my tail, since it was really big and strechy when wet, and the next time I went swimming it was perfect.I'm really happy with the tail. Very disappointed with the Mertailor service.I would say if you're looking for a fully functional mermaid tail and are willing to work on fixing it up a bit to make it fit you- then Mertailor is the way to go.I will say that when I looked at photos of his tails I thought it would be stiff and with thick layers of latex. Instead it was very thin, almost "second-skin" like and I'm very happy!

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    1 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I paid $500 for my mertailor tail and it's crap! I feel I wasted my money. Didn't even last through 3 swims before paint came (rubbing) off and latex chipped off in one long scratch on fluke and is thinning on the butt and he didn't use real neoprene like he advertised. Talked to him about this and he wasn't going to do anything about it. I was nice to him in every message but he was rude and didn't seem to care since my money was already in his hands. The tail was poorly put together. The latex is smeared all over the place (as if after he made the scales he drug the tail across the table and smeared the scales) and has globs in spots on the fluke. The scales go way too far down the fluke when they are supposed to stop at the feet. The thing stretches around the waist everytime I wear it so I have to take it in after every couple swims. He didn't do any customizations I asked of him even though he said they would be done. I asked him to make the fluke tattered and it wasn't when I got it. He offered no care instructions or extra paint in case it chips or fades. Latex is very thin and you can see the material right through it in places especially on butt and top of thighs. Fluke fills with water because it's hollow and looks bulged when swimming (which in his videos and pictures of mermaids the fluke isn't hollow! so he false advertises) and theres no way to get out of the water once you put it on and get in the water because its so full of water. I tried lifting my fluke up out of the water and almost broke the monofin because the water inside made the fluke weigh like 20 pounds. What you see isn't what you get. He said its too be expected for such a cheap price. So for the past 2 years I've been looking for a new tail maker and found an amazing one. Can't wait to replace this tail I have. I'm embarrassed to even wear it anymore. Oh and if you complain to him about problems he black lists you to make sure you don't get a tail from no one else. Thats why I had the hardest time finding a new tail maker. Back when I purchased from him there were no reviews out there about him because I looked. It wasn't until after I got the tail and saw how bad it was that reviews came out. Be Warned!! This was my experience. No one is special enough to get quality unless you are famous or very well known like Melissa or his models or dive bar mermaids for example and get paid huge money (because he wants it). The reason I went with him was because I saw videos of Melissa on YouTube swimming in the tails he's made for her (hers are quality because she's well known) and figured I would get the same. Wrong! She was the wrong example to go by since she gets better than what average people get. If this is whats to be expected for average people for $500 then he needs to say that on his site or don't sell tails that cheap making people believe they're getting a deal. He's the only one getting a deal!

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    3 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I wish there was a way to rate tails vs. customer service, because I feel like my tail deserves a higher rating than a 3, but my overall experience wasn't awesome. I know a few of you knew I got vocal when I experienced my longer-than-advertised wait time, and posted about it here. I ordered my tail at the beginning of March (March 4th, to be exact), and I had to confirm with Eric that was the original order date. When I ordered, the wait time was advertised at 4-10 weeks. I received my tail at the end of June. I did notice it looked pretty big, but I figured I am still not used to my "new" size (I've put on some weight over the past couple years). When I put it on dry, I did notice it wasn't skin tight. So, it was no surprise that it was baggy once in the water. I literally swam out of the tail. I emailed Eric and he offered to alter the tail free of charge, and pay for return shipping, but I paid for the shipping back out to him (which was only $25). He assured me that alterations would be completed within a week. He received the tail the week of the 4th of July, and I got my tail back in about mid-August. Despite being taken in 5", the tail is still a bit too big in the waist. The hips fit well (slightly loose), and the rest of the tail fits wonderfully. There are places where the paint is wearing off, but I think that is more my fault. There are a couple places on the tail where the paint originally wasn't fully there (on the knees - not too terribly visible). I am going to be taking my tail to a tailor at some point to be brought in one more time. The tail itself is lovely, and it's a wonderful tail to swim in. If I had to base whether or not I would order again on the tail, I would say yes. But if I based it on the maker, I will regrettably say no. Both combined, I do have to say that I really can't recommend him to others, and I will share my experience honestly. I will say this, I did ask for a special paint scheme for my tail, and it was done for me. It wasn't anything special -- just asked for a silver fluke. It's a dark silver because it's over the black, but still very pretty. :)

    Am I happy with my tail? Yes.
    Was I happy with the customer service? Not really.
    Will I tell people who made my tail? Yes.
    Will I recommend him to others? Probably not.
    Will I purchase again? As of right now, no.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I Received my tail today and am very happy with it, It took about four months from ordering date to now and Eric was very nice to keep me updated with the status of the tail when I called him just before Merpalooza. I paid $600 total with three day shipping included, he made the tail out of his newer material and didn't charge me extra for it. It fits tight and my feet even fit the monofin which i was really worried about since I run high in shoe size, my bum does peek out a bit but its not too bad. I just came back from swimming and it felt so nice, no drag , didn't fill up with water didn't stretch out when wet all the things I was nervous about didn't happen. I am really so happy with the turn out of this tail and I just now need to see how long the paint is going to last since that seems to be an issue. Even thou it took awhile to receive I'm really happy with the result and the fact that he was very polite and communicative with me on the phone and email so im giving the review five stars.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    While I worked at Ripley's Aquarium in the summer of 2011, I used Mermaid Melissa's silicone Mertailor tail so I have nothing to say about delivery or communication or even fit because it was not made for me. I can comment on the quality of the tail however. It was probably (at the time) my favorite of his silicone tails that he's ever created. It was inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean 4 mermaids. It was extremely well made and durable (especially being one of his early silicone tails). There was a problem with the monofin where the sharp edges had broken through the silicone, but that was very minor and could not be seen at all unless closely examined. Later, it was even fixed. The paint job was stunning and looked even better in person then it did in the pictures. It was perfect for the performances in the tail and flowed very nicely in the water. At one point, I talked with Eric over the phone about getting my own tail that fit to me, but I left Ripley's before that happened. He was nothing but nice when I spoke to him. Overall, I believe his silicone tails are a great investment for any professional mermaid. They're beautiful, durable and are just fantastic works of art to perform in.

    Me in the tail at Ripley's:


    Me swimming in the tail:

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    Smile 5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I received my made to measure silicone Mertailor tail which was well packaged, undamaged and gob smackingly beautiful! and have now had six swim sessions wearing it. It really does looks absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend all the colour work and artistic decision making thats gone into the tail. The construction seems solid and strong too. The foot cups inside the fins are small as requested but still too wide for my narrow feet. I contacted Eric (the Mertailor) on Facebook and as always he came back to me with a quick and proffessional reply. He suggested I try using socks or neoprene booties on my feet to settle them more snugly into the foot cups and prevent any rubbing of the skin. I have now got the booties and the problem is solved. I put a small plastic bag over each of these when I am putting the tail on, tuck the tops of the bags into the top edge of the booties and smooth a little hair conditioner on the bags. This way its really easy to slide both feet into place and pull up the back ankle straps. The tail was ordered and paid for at the end of August 2012 and delivered to me on 10th Jan 2013. Quite a bit longer than I had expected to wait and I was getting pretty twitchy with the waiting, but this was partly due to his heavy workload and then minor delivery problems. I would recommend tracking your parcel order all the way through it's journey then you can see if it's stuck somewhere like mine was. Not Eric's fault at all. After swimming in the sea with my tail I give it a fresh water rinse at home, tip out all the water collected in it, lie it flat and put a couple of swimming noodles inside, between the layers to let the air through the tail and help it to dry properly. I used a little hair conditioner on my legs to slide into it which made things very easy. It fits like a glove and I've found that using as little lubricant above your legs as possible helps it to stay in place. It's quite heavy to carry but manageable when placed over one shoulder with the fins at the front. All in all I absolutely Love it and would recommend Erics work and yes would order from him again.
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    2 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I ordered a silver colored neoprene based tail from the Mertailor on June 5th, 2012 for about $600. The website said that it took a maximum production time of 12 weeks, so I counted and marked my calendar. I figured worst case scenario, my order would be completed and ready to ship by September 13th.

    When the order what two weeks late (September 27th), I became very concerned. I very politely emailed Mr. Ducharme asking what the status of my tail was. He dully replied that it would be shipped out within the next few days. Another week went by, and I asked to receive my tracking number. Mr. Ducharme explained that my tail actually wasn't finished at all and that he was waiting for a shipment of mono fins so he could complete my tail. I trusted him and replied that I was happy to receive the update and waited patiently. As time went on, I sent a few more Emails. It would take him days reply to me, and when he finally did it was usually half of a sentence with some excuse. I tried to be patient when he was dealing with his "severe family problems," but that became gradually more difficult the more active his Facebook page became with statuses and pictures of beautiful silicone tails he was shipping out on time.

    When my tail was over seven weeks overdue, I was starting to loose my patience. I sent him another reminding Email and he seemed to just blow me off again. After a little more pestering, I finally received a tracking number. My tail arrived on October 23rd, eight weeks late.

    I excitedly wormed my way into my tail on my bed, nervous about the fit. After several minutes to squirming, I managed to feel the uneven glue in the fluke with my toes. The tail gaped at my waist, but I've been battling my weight for a while and payed the gap little mind. What I did notice, however, was that the tail was much shorter than I ordered. I gave measurements to cover my stomach modestly, but when I adorned the tail, it barely went over my hips. Upon further examination, I noticed that both the latex and the paint were very thin. On the seems (which are very obvious) and along the backside, especially, the latex was so thin it was barely noticeable and there was so little paint that I could see strait to the color of the neoprene. I noticed a lot of imperfections in the fluke and scales, too. The latex was carelessly brushed to make awkward bubbles, lumps, and crevasses all through the length of the tail.

    A few days afterwards, I was lucky enough to swim in my tail for the first time. The primary reason I bought the tail was for the support of the real mono fin, as I would like to eventually have a tail with a Competitor Fin. The fin itself gave me enough push in the water that made for a very enjoyable swim, but the fluke bubbled with water and the paint continued to rub and flake away. Now, I've swam in the tail about five times. There is very little paint left in the problem areas at the waist, the bottom, and every single scale from my knees down. I have holes in both the fluke and my heals and the neoprene (which is not the high grade I was expecting) is fraying at the waist and seems.

    Recently, I had another issue with the scales: The latex between each scale is so thin that the scales are actually coming off. I Emailed Mr. Ducharme about how to reattach the scales and how to take in the sides to better fit me. (With my weight loss, the tail has essentially become a hole-filled bag around my legs.) Mr. Ducharme gave me a very delayed reply with the name of a silicone adhesive to use on my scales and the advice to either take my tail to a professional tailor or to send the tail back to him with shipping and re-sizing fees. Not wanting to pay Mr. Ducharme to be dissatisfied again, I consulted my mother. We took in the tail ourselves just fine so that I have a much better fit in the water, but I still have to frequently pull it up to cover my bottom and the fluke still fills with water. I purchased the silicone adhesive he recommended for my scale repairs, but it did absolutely nothing to help.

    In short, the tail is a total wast of good money. I am going to paint the tail myself as soon as I can afford the right paint and hopefully the tail will suffice as a practice tail until I get a larger, all silicone one. I absolutely hate the quality of my tail, but I love that I have the mono fin for practice.


    -includes a small mono fin that provides great swimming practice
    -provides basic template insight on how to make a better tail


    -improper measurements
    -arrived over 8 weeks passed promised delivery
    -Mr. Ducharme lied about the completion of my order on multiple occasions
    -creates a baggy effect in the water
    -fluke fills with water and gains weight
    -lazy latex technique in both the fluke and scales
    -latex applied too thin
    -paint applied too thin
    -paint chips and scrapes easily
    -the "neoprene" is easily worn through

    Insulting and unhelpful customer service.


    From further research, my problems seem to be fairly common ones. I was looking for an entry grade tail to start my mermaiding, but actually just wasted my money. Though his reviews for his silicone tails seem superb, I highly dis-recommend this product. I will not​ be purchasing from the Mertailor again.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    At this moment, I dont have the best picture of me in my tail as my first opportunity to swim in it happened to be at night.

    Let me start on the colors: They are everything I had hoped for. Pictures do it no justice! It has a very fish-like sheen without being too metallic. They blend together amazingly well and the back looks just as great as the front!

    Texture: All of the scales are well formed. The silicone is so supple yet resilient at the same time. The seams are nearly non-existent. You really have to search to find the seam on my tail. It all flows so naturally from fluke to top, side to side. I'm very impressed! And oh, that tattered fluke... it's hand cut and just a sight to behold.

    Swim and fit: My first swim was surprisingly easy. I've never used a tail or mono fin before and it seemed so natural. I didn't feel awkward and the neutral buoyancy of the tail makes me feel like I would have to have a cinder block (or two) tied to me in order to drown. The fit was impressively spot on! The only issue I can find is that the foot pockets seem a little tight (but that is of my own fault, of course. I was warned the sizes run a little small). It doesn't hinder my swimming ability, and I honestly think a pair of socks might help cushion the fit a little. Even with my first time putting on the tail, it only took about 5 minutes, and less then 3 when I figured out the best way to put my feet in.

    All together the tail is wonderful. Eric kept in great contact with me and it took about 5 months from start to receiving my tail (which seems like a very reasonable wait to me, considering the craftsmanship). I already love it and it and i think it suits me quite well! I wouldn't hesitate to order from Eric again.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I wrote a review somewhere else on here about my tail experience in more detail. Basically, my tail was received by me within 3 days of purchasing it. It is in perfect condition. There are no weird parts at the seams, or imperfections within the scales/fluke that I can find. The paint job is beautiful. The Mertailor answered many questions for me before/during/and after my purchase. I followed his artistic advice in choosing this tail, as he is familiar with my various looks. Once my matching top that I'm making is cured, then I will swim in this tail and will be able to add more to my review. I have purchased a tail from him years ago and it's still doing well. So I know from experience that it pays to care for your tail by following his instructions as well as advice from this forum.

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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I am a professional photographer and I have a 15 year old daughter that wanted to become a mermaid ever since she was little. Eric helped her dream come true this past summer. Everything that Eric told us about order time, materials used, color, fit etc. was spot on. I emailed him several times throughout the process and he always got back to me the same day. My daughter literally cried when the tail arrived and we had an amazing photo shoot to celebrate her mermaid status. The money I spent on this collaboration between me and my daughter was worth every penny!
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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I ordered both a gold tail and shell bra from Eric, and they are both very beautiful and well-made. I was so excited when I opened them that I couldn't resist immediately putting them on and snapping a picture at my mirror. They fit me like a glove. Notice my cat rolling her eyes at me in the background! LOL Eric helped me fulfill a long-time (and once forgotten) child-hood dream of becoming a mermaid. My co-workers also think I'm nuts, but I can't wait to find a lake or ocean to swim in and have fun greeting locals! ;) If you have always dreamed of becoming a mermaid, then go to the mertailor!
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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    Ever since I was a little girl I have always wondered if Mermaids were real I would watch The Little Mermaid Movie over and over again until it became my favorite movie in the world. Time went bye and I never stopped thinking about Mermaids until one day I came across The Mertailor's Website and seen his wonderful and beautiful work of tails and I have been searching everywhere for Mermaid Tails and I seen his website I have been trying to buy one of his tails since I was 19 and I just had to have one. But their was only one problem that I couldn't afford one at the time so I waited and waited and saved my money to buy one but every time I saved my money for one I would lose the money to pay bills. So I decided to wait until tax day and I finally got the money for my tail I was so excited I just couldn't believe that me Mandi ordered one of his awesome tails. When I got it in the mail by UPS I was super excited I did a video right away of me opening my tail. I tried on my tail it fit so tight and most that I love about it is that Eric made my waist part go up to my hips part witch I really really love now no one can see my bathing suit bottoms when I'm swimming in my tail that's so awesome. Thank You The Mertailor Eric Duchame/Merman you have made me my tail and I love it so much. Thank You The Mertailor !!!
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    3 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    Most important pic, the taaaaaiilll from the original thread

    I bought my tail slightly used. The tail was previously owned by Trina the mermaid so it was never made to my measurements. Because of that I can't review Mertailor's customer service, measurements compared to fit etc.

    The tail is a 100% dragon skin tail with raised scales and twice as thick as his tails normally are. The tail weights over 30 pounds I don't know exactly but the weight of the shipment in total was 40lbs. It has one smaller dorsal fin and a set of ankle fins. Very beautiful and vibrant color scheme that has pearly glow underwater. It's sturdy and feels like it's made to last a nuclear war :D When handling it/putting it on I don't fear ripping it or anything because of the thickness, which is great.

    But still even though it's beautiful I was very surprised how sloppily it was still made. I thought Eric would do super quality to his long time mermaid customers (Trina). You can't really see the flaws until you take a closer look. The first thing you notice is the seams which are visible. It looks like very little effort was put into hiding them. There is also some gaps in fluke seams (not drainholes) that you can even put your finger in. The silicone is not torn or anything like that the fluke pieces are not just glued/bonded together properly in the first place. This problems repeats everywhere in the tail causing holes, not ones that go all the way through but.. holes. There is also some mold imperfections mostly in the fluke area. When you compare to for example Raven's tails, every line seems to be in it's right place. In this tail they just go where they go and are in some places uneven.

    only few of the holes found in the fluke, and the fluke texture

    Another thing that puzzled me was that the tails base color, the silicone itself, is colored blue. In a pink gold tail... why?
    Also the seams. There was lots of excess silicone in the seams (inside the tail) and overall how the seams were done was interesting. I guess it was in case of re-sizing or something. No matter why it was done so, it took a lot room off everywhere falsifying the fit. Inside the tail there were lots of "clear" silicone in places where it shouldn't be. Combined with the tails great suction, very uncomfortable plus because of the lumps of silicone in wrong places the tail didn't fit "like a second skin". It fit me as well as tail made to someone else could fit, but the lumps prevented perfection lol so to speak

    The seams need to be re-done. I'm bummed that I have to do tail surgery to a new tail because of someone's lack of interest to do a decent job, but I have no choice really. The biggest lump I found inside the tails was 1/3 of my fist..so yeah. But while I'm at it I have the chance to perfect the fit too and try to make the seams look better.

    inside the tail

    holes and the seam

    Now we get to the nice part. The tail swims great and it has very nice kick!
    It's nearly weightless in the water. Though it weights enough to help you sink if you let it, but it doesn't try to drown you. The suction is huuuge! Once it's on you could get hit by a tsunami or something and it wouldn't come off. It takes time to get it off. And getting in too is a different story. Because of the thickness rolling it down is out of question. So far tons of lube and lots of wiggling with pair of helping hands is needed :D the tail has monofin straps and without them putting it on would be impossible.

    When swimming, the tail does not forgive you, it kind of forces you to swim the right way. If you want to avoid sore ankles/muscles just obey the tail lol
    It looks amazingly realistic with it's movements underwater & on land. Super heavy on land, but I am now able to lift my fluke after little practice. The more I handle the tail the lighter it gets, it's my personal gym! haha!
    Moving/swimming etc in a silicone tail is so different compared to other tails, this is all a big learning process to me and will take some time. I never thought it would be this different, but it's great still!

    The end and conclusion:
    But in overall I will give Mertailor 3,5/5 stars because in all it's a fantastic tail. If someone asked me could I recommend Mertailor I'd rather not comment.
    The tail serves it's purpose, looks amazing and swims great and I love it. There is flaws that shouldn't be there and if I paid the full price I would have shipped it right back. This is not how pro does a tail. When pro does a tail you are unable to complain about anything. That is quality. And with the price tags these tails are having customer expects nothing more than 1st quality. I wont order my future tails from Mertailor, I might buy them used but that's because I can see the final product and have no suprises. I don't write this just to upset people or to say Mertailor does nothing but bad tails, no, these are just the facts based on my experience. I was a little bit let down.
    I really like my tail and will like it even more when I'm done with the repairs. Can't wait to get back in the pool with it and start working. It is still the Finland's very first silicone tail :)

    at pool, still waiting for better pictures


    There is also some pictures more in my new blog. Go check it out although it's in finnish :)
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    My Awesome Mertailor Tail !!! Named Felicia ;) lol

    I wanted to write this review for the awesome! tail that the Mertailor made for me,. like many other people on here that had a dream to swim like a fish and be a mermaid/merman so did I an it started from a young age,I had no idea that one day I would actually be able to live out this dream and finally get to swim among the fish in the sea and glide along the silky smooth waters of the springs. I have been following his work for sometime now and dream't of owning one of my own mertailor tails.Like I always say all good things come at due time, and it happened! I couldn't be more happier with this wonderful art piece that he made for me. I see more then just a tail when he makes a new one for a customer I see a piece of art that was brought to life from a mere thought or imagination. That he has a gift for creating such wonderful art that people can cherish and say I have a mertailor original. He has come so far and has seem to still always surprise his fans with new products giving them what they want, and always taking into consideration his customers thoughts and idea's. I'm so glad that I not only bought my tail from this talented tail maker (and there are many talented tail makers out there) but I know that if I had any concerns or questions I know I would be given great customer service. I love my tail and would not change a thing on it,! I feel like when I put it on that I'm transformed into a merman, so to me that means he delivered everything he said he would with my tail,. I would recommend the mertailor to anyone that asks where I got it from.I'm going to cherish this for as long as I live and will continue to be amazed by all the new things to come from the mertailor.! =)

    Thank you so much MerTailor for this awesome tail!!!
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    5 out of 5 rating for Mertailor

    I fell in love with Rachel's partial at MerFest bc it looked so real as she swam in it. She showed me how it could be resized easily, how holes could be patched, and how much quicker it was to take on and off vs. a silicone tail. She also told me that it was perfect for tank use as it's very malleable. When I found out I was pregnant I discussed my options with Eric as well as looked around online at the other tail makers. He's the only one who offers the two piece tail, and the fact that I could sew it and change the sizing with my growing pregnancy was a huge plus. The two piece is important to me for when I'm too big to see my feet. This way my hubby can help me get my tail on and off without my straining. Eric offered to add in 3 extra inches to the seams for me to have room to grow. Of course, once I have my daughter I will be able to take in the seams and put it in my usual tail rotation. I want to offer different looks during my pregnancy and I expect to be really large this July for my whaleshark shoot so Eric is making me a custom painted "skin" to match my silicone tail for that shoot. I'm using the same fluke (which was custom painted to go with the second skin but looks great with the first goldfish skin also) which saves me money and room for when I fly to mermaid gigs. Eric and I discussed every detail for weeks about what would work best for my needs. He never had a pregnant working mermaid before and he took the time to research and answer my questions/concerns. Now that I've used it in a variety of settings, I can give a full review on how it functions. This tail was perfect for my tank gigs and it swims really well. The propulsion is great and the weight of the fluke balances me underwater just like my silicone tail. It is easy for travel as I've taken it on several aircrafts and the fin stows easily under my seat on both large and small airplanes. I also like how I can take it to the pool for practicing without having to bring the full tail. It took me several tries to get the perfect fit, but once I got it to fit the way I wanted, then it felt better than my Finis Rapid. I've been able to do twists, back, and front flips at 5 months pregnant easily in this tail. The materials used to make this tail are superb. The soft neoprene feels like the neoprene I purchased from Stretchhouse NY to make my large sequined tail. The scales on this tail are dragonskin silicone and are very thick and without blemish. The fluke itself is heavy and has a beautiful custom paint job. Here is a video of me swimming in the tail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y21_34EQnIc.


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