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Thread: ✼ The Official Wig and Hair Extensions Thread ✼

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    ✼ The Official Wig and Hair Extensions Thread ✼

    ✼ The Official Wig and Hair Extensions Thread ✼

    Mermaid hair comes in many styles, lengths, and many colors- there's no wrong way to do mermaid hair! However, a lot of mermaids want more or different hair than what they have. That's what wigs and hair extensions are for! Here we'll cover some basics on wigs how to wear them and other extensions in the water.

    There is TONS of information on wigs and extensions out there- from what kinds to buy, to how to wear them, to proper after care after wearing them. Since there's so much information, I'll be providing links to pages and videos.

    First off though, assuming we're talking about temporary wigs and hair extensions, not ones you wear for weeks or months at a time. I will tell you that when it comes to water wear, synthetic hair is the best way to go for multiple reasons. Firstly, natural hair is not only very expensive, but it's more easily damaged by factors such as chlorine and salt water, the same as the natural hair on your head. Also for style reasons. Human hair will not hold it's shape underwater, so if you want it to look styled, the easiest solution is to use synthetic pre-styled wigs or extensions, as plastic will hold it's shape. So whatever extra hair you're looking for, keep in mind that you probably want to be looking at synthetics.

    There are some wig companies that only sell pre-made wigs, while others you can have your wig custom made just for you! This means you can control the length, style, color, and more! So if you dont see a wig you love, seek out a wig company that will make one to your liking.

    (Below I'm bolding what different paragraphs are about so you can skim to what you're looking for in different areas.)

    Full Wigs:


    Full wigs come in several types, but well go over the two most popular options- regular also sometimes called fashion wigs, and lace front.
    All wigs have some king of cap on the inside to hold the shape, for comfort, and typically adjustable elastic straps and sometimes also wig clips or wire wig combs as well.

    Regular wigs are just the hair and the cap inside. Lace front wigs have, in the front, hairs that are tied on individually to the lace- this gives the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp.
    Regular wigs are more popular as they are the cheapest option, and lace fronts are more expensive.

    You should know up front- not all synthetic hair is created equal. Some are higher quality than others, and therefore look better, dont tangle as easily, and are easier to manage in general. Halloween wigs are not good quality at all- I would not advise you to get wigs from a Halloween or costume shop. Online it can be harder to know which sites are better quality. The best you can do is read up on the company- read reviews and ask around. Also just because a wig comes from China does not mean its automatically lower quality- in fact in my case, I found that wig was a much better quality than one that had come from the US. One way to tell is how shiny is the wig? Lower quality synthetic hair tends to be more shiny (just think of how shiny the cheap halloween wigs are).

    Also, in terms of length and style- a good thing to know is that, generally, longer and more styled wigs are harder to care for. Especially if youre wearing them swimming. For example, a 28 wig is going to be more prone to tangles than a 15 wig. Same with styling- a wig that is curly is going to be more prone to tangles than a straight wig. But then again, the tangles may not be as obvious in a curly wig when youre wearing it (depending how how bad the tangles are of course) as they would be on a straight wig.

    Wigs also come in different densities. The average wig density is 120%. Everyone is different, but typically the average human head is between 100-120%. You can get wigs up to 200% density. Here is a great visual guide to what different densities look like:

    Wig cap sizes should also be something to consider. While some companies only sell standard one size fits all wigs, other companies you can customize your wig with bigger or smaller sizes. This can be important, because if the wig doesnt fit you, its not going to look good! Or worse, it can be very uncomfortable or cause circulation problems. I know one wig I wore, it made me feel faint, and I almost passed out! I was only in it for 30 minutes before it became an issue- feeling like the floor shaking, woozy, tunnel vision, the whole bit!
    My advice would be to check the measurements of your head before ordering. If youre around the standard size, you can use the adjustable elastic inside the wig to fit it to your head nicely. But if not, consider going with a company that sells or will make a wig in your size.

    Lace front wigs:


    Lace front wigs come with a few inches of extra lace coming down from the wigs hair line. When you get it, you trim the extra lace yourself. Generally, you want to trim pretty close to the hair line. If you feel nervous, there are lots of videos on YouTube on how to trim lace front wigs. One thing you should know, is that all of the professionals insist that using pinking shears to trim the lace is the best way to go. Pinking shears are scissors that cut in a zig-zag pattern. You can find them in sewing supply stores such as JoAnns. Using these is best for three reasons. 1) It keeps the lace from fraying. Pinking shears are mainly used in sewing to keep easily frayed fabrics from unraveling. 2) It helps blend the lace in with your skin so its not as easily spotted. The zig-zag shape is not as easily spotted as a straight line going across your forehead. 3) It gives you a little bit of extra lace that you can secure, rather than if you had trimmed a straight line across the hair line.

    There are two types of lace- french lace and swiss lace. French lace is more durable, and swiss lace finer and softer and also less detectable. Its typically recommended that someone who is new to wigs start off with french lace and graduate to swiss lace. However, if you educate yourself on how to take good care of your lace, dont hold yourself back from your perfect wig just because its swiss lace. What it really comes down to is personal preference.
    Lace can also come in different colors. Some wig companies offer different tones to pick from so you can more easily match your skin complexion. Some wig companies only sell in a standard nude color. You may have to pay more to have a different lace color on your wig.

    Quick tip: Two ways to to make your part look natural on lace front wigs. 1) Line up the part with your natural part under the wig. This will help your scalp show through if youre using a netting wig underneath. 2) Take some concealer (preferably one lighter than your skin tone by 1-2 shades) and apply lightly with a concealer brush right on the scalp of the part and blend it with your finger. This will help it look like your real scalp is showing.

    Hair lines: Some wig companies offer widows peak options for their lace front wigs. But even with regular lace front wigs, some people will actually pluck some of the hairs out of the hairline of the wig to make it look more natural, since natural hair lines waver and arent so perfect looking. Its purely preference.

    With all wigs, but especially lace front wigs, be careful with how you apply and remove adhesives. Most wig tapes and wig glues need solvents/removers to remove them without damaging the lace- or your hair line! Yup, that adhesive can rip out some of your hair line, or your baby hairs on your forehead- ouch!

    U-Part Wigs and Half Wigs:


    U-Part wigs (also known as a u-shaped wig, 3/4 wig, or an invisible part wig) and half-wigs are an in-between between wigs and extensions.

    U-Part wigs are wigs that have a gap in the shape of a U, and in that gap your natural hair will come through, letting your natural part show and making it look very realistic. U shaped wigs can have it so you part in the middle, or on either side depending on what you prefer.
    Half wigs are wigs that only cover the back half of your head- meaning your natural part and front of your hair are showing. These may not be optimal options for those with thin hair who want to wear it wet, as you will need to cover the seam of the wig, and when your hair gets wet the seam could show. However, you could easily cover the seam with a head dress or head dress band, head band, or hair scarf.

    These options are obviously if you want your extensions to be the same color of your hair, and you just want added length and/or thickness. Or if you want the wig to start as the same color of your hair, and have an ombre or different colored look farther down.

    Typically U-Part wigs that are made with natural hair are more popular- synthetic options are available, although you may have to search a little harder to find them. Usually the application of a U-Part involves braiding the hair and clipping or sewing the wig into place. However, this tutorials shows an alternative method that will allow a great secure fit that would stay put underwater.

    You can also opt to make your own U-Part wig. With synthetic hair it will be much cheaper, and you can make it in any color! You can also make a u-part wig from a regular wig. There are tons of tutorials on how to do that, and it actually looks pretty easy!

    How to make your own U-Part wig:


    Clip-in Strips:


    Clip in strips are the easiest and most popular way to get extra length or little touches of color. It's essentially just synthetic hair sewn onto pressure sensitive clips. Though some larger one-piece extensions have multiple clips and wig netting to support the structure of the piece.

    For that extra splash of color, little (1-3 inch) clips can be found in all kinds of places on and offline. Even shops like Hot Topic and Claire's sell them. You can get them at short or long lengths, and trim to match your length. If you get good quality synthetic, you can even style them!

    A good way to get a fuller head of hair with clip-in extensions is to use multiple wefts (or strips) of extensions that you secure on different places on your head. Just keep in mind that if you have thin hair, and plan on swimming with them in, you shouldnt go too far up on the back of your head. Otherwise, when the hair gets wet, it will flatten down and gap, and the extensions clips may become visible.

    If you have thin hair, there are some things you can do to get your clip in exertions to keep from sliding out.
    Check out this video for tips:
    And this video to see those tips in action:

    There are TONS of videos and tutorials on how to make your own hair extensions, so if you're crafty and thrifty, check 'em out!

    Hair Pieces and Ponytail clips:


    One of the easiest ways to achieve the illusion of length is with ponytail clips. You simply pull your hair up into a ponytail or bun, then clip on the ponytail extension (with a claw clip or hair combs) over it. (Mermaid Melissa is known for her ponytail clip.) You can buy the in curly, wavy, or straight, and at different lengths from short to very long.

    There are also clip in braids, clip in buns, even clip in bangs!

    Halo/Flip In Extensions:


    There is a type of hair extensions called Halo or Flip-In hair extensions. They're great for giving volume and length, and very easy to put in and take out. However, basically the way it stays on your head is by a wire that goes over the top of your head and relies on tension to keep it in. Therefore I highly doubt they would stay put in the water. However they may be a great accessory for dry gigs.

    Braided headbands:


    Braided headbands are cute accents to give a little bit of a mermaidy look! You can get them thick or thin for whatever look you prefer. Just be sure to pin them in well if you're wearing them in the water

    Caring for your synthetic wig or hair piece:

    First off, you should know that normal hair care products are not going to work very well on synthetic hair. Normal hair is protein, synthetic hair is plastic. Regular detangling spray or conditioner is not going to have the same effect on synthetic hair as it does natural hair.

    Believe it or not, your best friend when it comes to detangling synthetic wigs is fabric softener! You can mix water and fabric softener in a spray bottle and use it as a detangler. Or, if your wig is really tangled, you can soak the whole thing in water with fabric softener to tame it! There are also specific products made to detangle wigs. Some say that you can use hand lotion, straight or mixed with water and sprayed on, to detangle wigs as well.

    If you have a really long wig, and/or if the wig is not a great quality of fiber, that may not be enough. For those instances, the two things Ive heard good things about are 3 IN 1 Silicone Spray Lubricant (found at hardware stores) or Motions Oil Sheen Spray (found in ethic hair care sections of some stores). The silicone spray apparently has very strong fumes, while the Motions spray is said to smell like almonds.

    In the case with either of these, you want to spray the wig ends lightly (so it doesnt end up looking greasy), brush through the fibers to distribute evenly, then let it sit for 24-48 hours to dry. This is supposedly not only great for detangling wigs, but also to keep them from tangling as easily in the future. If youre swimming with the wig, you may have to reapply every few swims. (Were in untested waters here, so report back with your findings!) Ive heard better things about the silicone spray since- again, motions is meant for real hair, and silicone is meant for plastic.
    With the silicone, be sure to use in a well ventilated place, or if possible, outside. Avoid spraying on smooth floors, because that will make your floor a very slippery situation! But if you do, rubbing alcohol can help you remove it.

    When you get your wig wet, or you wash and/or condition your wig, when youre done, be sure to: squeeze out the excess water by hand, blot it with a towel, and then leave it to air dry COMPLETELY before detangling it. If you dont wait until its completely dry, brushing it will stretch out the hair and mess up the texture, ruining styling and make it far more prone to tangling and just looking poor in general. Also it can make the wig shed a lot more hairs. I recommend a day or two to let your wig dry completely.
    As a bonus, doing a fabric softener soak can also help take away the shine of wigs to make it look more natural! Always use luke-warm, cool, or cold water to wash or soak your wigs. Using warm or hot water can damage the fibers and adhesives.
    Be sure to remove all adhesive build up on your wig as well, as leaving it can cause excessive shedding of hairs.

    I also dont advise you use a regular brush to brush out your wigs. Special wig brushes and combs are available that are made for that very thing. Theyre not expensive, usually around $5. Using a regular comb or brush can pull on the fibers and stretch, damage, and pull out hairs. So a wig comb or brush is well worth the investment!
    Of course be sure to brush your wig from the tips to the roots, and be gentle with it! Pulling too much or too hard can cause breakage and excessive shedding. Brush out your wig in smaller sections to minimize excessive pulling.

    A wig head is also a good investment. Wig heads help keep the shape of the wig when its not in use, and allow for easier styling and detangling. You can find them at beauty supply stores for cheap. The styrofoam ones are the cheapest, and theyre also very handy because you can use sewing pins to secure the wig to the styrofoam, so it wont slide around when its being stored, styled, or brushed. If you store your wig flat for a long time, it can develop a crease in the wig cap. These can come out over time, but if you pull it out just before an event, the crease will be there.

    After swimming in chlorine:

    Like anything else, wigs can too be damaged by chlorine. The fibers aren't pourous, but damage still happens. Be sure to rinse your wig thoroughly in cool water, and then soak it to remove as much of he chlorine as you can. Typically we advise a baking soda soak for helping with this (to combat the acidity), because its cheap to use in large amounts for helping with care of tails and accessories- which you typically need a bathtub full of water to do. but For wigs, since you only need a little water to soak and neutralize the chlorine, there are a few other options. The fist method the cheap and natural way, which is using vitamin-c (aka Ascorbic Acid) powder or crystals.
    The other way would be to use a neutralizer made for conditioning tank water for fish. There are lots of brands of dechlorinators out there, that can be found in local pet stores. But many of them do other things than remove the chlorine (like removing heavy metals and ammonia), and that makes them more expensive as well. So get one that JUST dechlorinates- API Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner is cheap ($4-$6).

    Chlorine can also weaken elastic over time, so be aware that you may need to replace the elastic in your wig (if you use it) as time goes on. Fortunately there are tutorials on how to do this.

    Styling the wig:

    When you first get your wig, the first thing you should do is take it out the box and put it on a wig head. The styling can look a little off (sometimes looking too puffed-up)- this is especially true for the hair around the hair line in lace front wigs. Leaving it a few days on the wig head will help them settle.

    So were just going to go over super basic styling tips here. If you want to get more into styling your wig, there is tons of information about it online!

    Lace front wigs can typically be parted in any direction. Use a comb with a pointed end to make the parting process easier. Part it where you want it, and gently brush the strands down both sides so it can help settle the new part there. If its giving you trouble, try lightly wetting the hair.

    Most wigs are made of heat resistant fibers, and can be styled with light heat. Be sure to check if it is heat resistant and up to what point FIRST! For example I know that my wigs hairs are heat resistant up to 150C/302F.
    Real hair can take heat in the 300-390F range for flat irons, and 300-340F range for curling irons. So you do not want to use your heated styling tools on the same settings as your real hair, or you could melt your synthetic wig fibers! If you want to style your wig and your heat tools do not have adjustable settings, you may want to look into buying one that does, or look up in the manual (or check with the manufacturer) as to how hot your particular tool gets before proceeding with wig styling.

    In general, steam based styling is probably the safest (and arguably the easiest) way to style your wig, since it uses light heat and moisture. Meaning using hot curlers instead of a curling iron. You can use a hand held steamer to straighten or curl the hair. There are lots of videos and methods on YouTube.

    Braids can be fun, but keep in mind that if you leave the braid in and get it wet and it dries- or if you leave it in for a long time- it can make the wig hair wavy. The waves may fall out over time, or you may have to use heat to remove them.

    In terms of dying/coloring synthetic wigs, its not advisable to dye your own wig if youre going to be wearing it in the water. You dye synthetic wigs with acrylic ink, alcohol ink, or fabric dye. Dying synthetic hair the color may not hold, or bleed in the water. Its better to buy the wig in whatever color you want it in.
    But if you do want to dye synthetic hair and wear it swimming, please report back on how it holds up in the water! So far Ive only seen people who dont wear wigs swimming dye them.

    Securing your natural hair under a full wig:

    When youre wearing a wig, you want your hair to be as flat as possible against your head. If its too bulky it can make your head look lumpy and unnatural. If you have short hair, this wont be too hard at all. But if you have long or thick hair, it can take more effort to do! In the end, you want to have somewhat even distribution around your head, but the bulk of your hair is more easily fit and hidden at the nape of your neck.
    Here are some suggestions on how to do that:
    Braid your hair and wrap it around the top and back of your head, pinning it place. If you have a lot of hair, try pulling your hair into a high ponytail and sectioning it into multiple strands (4, or more if you need) and then braiding and securing those. You might end up with a full helmet of hair under there depending on what your natural hair is like. This is the easiest way to flatten your hair if its long.
    You can also: put your hair in cornrows; use pin curls by sectioning your hair into smaller sections, then twist the hair into curls and pin the curls flat; pull your hair into a low ponytail and then pin your hair forward; french braid and pin the ends up. There are probably a few more Im not thinking of, but those are some basic methods!

    Always wear a wig cap, even if you dont have that much hair. The wig cap helps the wig grip and stay on your head! There are different kinds of wig caps- the main ones are either nylon (like pantyhose) or netted (like fishnet stockings). Both are stretchy and breathable. The netting is more breathable, and also it allows room for bobby pins or wig clips to slip through and grasp your real hair. But in the end its whatever you prefer!

    Protecting your hair under the wig:

    For many of us mers, wigs are a good tool because they can keep damage to you real hair to a minimum. You want to follow the same advice as is listed on the mer hair care thread. Before you braid or otherwise flatten your hair under the wig, you can put it something to protect your real hair. Having less surface area in the water will already be a bit of a help, but you can take it a step further and put in something like coconut oil or conditioner before you secure your real hair to your head. Just be sure if youre using adhesive on the scalp area, to not get the oil or conditioner there. Best to leave a few inches at least of un-treated hair so he adhesive has the best chance of bonding and staying put.

    Another method of protecting your hair while slicking it back is a old trick that synchronized simmers use. Gelatin! Synchronized swimmers mix boiling water and gelatin together and either brush it on thick, or leave it thin and spray it with a spray bottle over the hair. This is also called knoxing since the brand of knox gelatin seems to be a favorite. The gelatin will keep your hair in place, protect it, and washes out/dissolves with warm water. There are tutorials on this if youre interested in trying it out, heres one if youre curious:

    Securing your wig to your head:

    The first thing you need to do to make sure the wig will stay on securely, is to tighten (or loosen depending on how tight it is) the elastic on the inside of the wig cap. Different wigs come with different types or systems of elastic, but most all wigs have these. Please NOTE that elastic is notorious for loosening once submerged in water. So if you notice your wig loosening up in the water, this is why. So while its better to put it on the snug side if youre swimming with it, dont make it TOO tight! Again, with the whole possibility of circulation issues.
    Heres a quick video showing how to adjust some of the different kinds of wig cap elastic closures:

    Most wigs come with wig clips or wig combs already sewn into the wig cap. Use them! There are people who use just the wig clips alone that say that they stay on fine in the water. You can also add extra wig clips or combs into your existing wig easily. All it takes is the wig clips or combs (which can be found in packs at beauty supply stores) and some needle and thread to sew them in. There are lots of tutorials on how do do this as well.

    A basic way to secure the wig to your head is with pins. Bobby pins are popular, and u-shaped hair pins are both good choices- which is better is a matter of personal preference. For this to work, you need a lot of pins, and you need to slip it through your wig into your real hair (which should be secured to your head). For this method to work best, having your natural hair in braids or corn rows under the wig will provide the most grip for the pins latch into. Using pins going multiple directions (not just all in the same direction) and/or making X s with two bobby pins, can help make the hold more secure.

    Better ways to secure a wig for swimming is to use adhesive of some kind. There are wig glues and also wig tape. You may wonder, will this really stay put in the water? But a good quality wig tape or glue can stay put for WEEKS. A few tips: clean the area you want to adhere with rubbing alcohol to remove oils from the skin first. Apply the tape or glue as directed, press in place, then take a scarf or length of fabric and wrap it around your head quite snug and leave it for about 15 minutes. This will ensure a good bond!
    Be sure to use the remover when you take it off, or you could end up damaging the wig, ripping out your own baby hairs, or even pulling up some of your skin!

    Another method, which I thought was pretty genius, and I believe will work great for water wear- is pairing up snap clips and wire wig combs. The wire wig combs are sewn inside of the wig, and you pin the snap clips to your own hair. Then you slide the wire wig combs under the snap clips! This video shows how to do this. It is shown on a U-part wig, but I imagine it could be used for any kind of wig or extension. Video:

    To end with, heres a list of wig sites that some fellow mers, and cosplayers, recommend: (This company can make custom wigs to order)

    I hope this thread is useful to anyone looking into buying wigs or hair extensions, or anyone who has some that's looking for information on how to wear them or maintain them. Here's wishing you fabulous mermaid hair, and happy swimming!

    Wingd Mermaid Iona

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    Iona, you're the best! Thanks for putting this together! I've been eyeing a few wigs myself~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphina Suds View Post
    Iona, you're the best! Thanks for putting this together! I've been eyeing a few wigs myself~

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    You're very welcome! ^_^ I actually started this years ago (I looked at the date the file was created, it was February 7th 2014 haha- almost 2 years ago!) and didn't come back to it until after I got my first lace front wig here a week ago. So many people were interested, and I've been seeing more and more mers asking about wigs and getting their own wigs. So I dove back into it and finished it I just hope it's useful- I spent soooo much time researching for it!

    Wingd Mermaid Iona

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winged Mermaid View Post
    You're very welcome! ^_^ I actually started this years ago (I looked at the date the file was created, it was February 7th 2014 haha- almost 2 years ago!) and didn't come back to it until after I got my first lace front wig here a week ago. So many people were interested, and I've been seeing more and more mers asking about wigs and getting their own wigs. So I dove back into it and finished it I just hope it's useful- I spent soooo much time researching for it!
    It's absolutely useful! Good work! I especially appreciate the section about putting the clip ins in thin hair. I have a beautiful extension from wigisfashion but I can't get it to stay put right lol.

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    I recently got a drawstring ponytail from Amazon for about $20! I want to wear it in a long braid, so I got it in a straight 31" length. That much solid black hair is kinda boring, so I bought some long wefts (36") from Arda in a fun blue color to jazz it up. I doubled the wefts and sewed them to the ponytail mesh using 3-ply black silk thread. I think I did about 6-7 rows of blue hair. Since the wefts are longer than the ponytail, it did require trimming when all was said and done. No photos wearing it yet, but I have BIG plans to photoshoot in this hairpiece in the nearish future!

    This particular ponytail has a tiny comb in the font and the back. You just secure the combs in your hair, then tighten the drawstring around your bun. You wrap the elastic around your bun tightly and then secure it with pins. I used to wear these types ponytails all the time though 6 years of competitive cheerleading and dance. I've personally never had an issue where the hair has fallen off and I did lots of stunting and tumbling. They always served me well!

    Here's a photo of my progress on the hairpiece! It turned out so well that I think I'm going to make another one with green hair extensions for my faerie cosplay. I'm obsessed with the fact that I can have cool looking hair clipped on, but keep my hair well protected and tangle-free in a tight bun while swimming. My head is too enormous for most wigs, so it is nice to have this as an option!

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    Yay Iona thank you so much! I've been looking into wigs recently just for general use as well as for Mermaiding! This is so helpful
    Sarina Dreamtide

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    I've had great experiences with all the wigs, hair pieces, halos, and clip ins. Iona's info is spot on. Here's a look at what I got...

    This is my longer set of halo. It is real human hair, has extra clip in pieces. Very seamless. Cost me about 125$ cad in hair, and then $150 in time for the stylist to make it for me. I couldn't really buy anything premade with the shape my real hair was in. Very hard to match my hair colour.

    I have two of this wigisfashion wig, and I wear them in the water. Though, if you're going to have them in the water you might as well dedicate them ONLY to the water because they really will never look exactly the same after being used in chlorine so much.

    I keep it on with wig tape, which it'll stay on all alone with just that. But you see I wear a headband across it a lot- I find that helps keep it out of my face when I swim, and I don't have to worry if I dive down fast of the wig coming loose.

    My shorter halo made of real hair, and extra clip in pieces

    For a while I used a pony tail clip in too, I just dont use it anymore because it no longer matches my hair colour

    Just picked up this one from wigisfashion too:

    For reference: My real hair lol

    Here are some clips of me swimming in my wigs:

    Here is a vlog I did about using wigs:

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    This is wonderful and informative. I swear by u-parts and half wigs myself.

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    ✼ The Official Wig and Hair Extensions Thread ✼

    This is really great information! Thanks Iona! And thanks for the pictures Raina, although I can't see them on Tapatalk....I'll have to move to my computer.
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    Awesome info, Iona. This will be really helpful!
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    Great bit of info! Do you have any recommendations for the wider swathes of extensions..? Or those that would stay in for at least a couple of days (if not longer?) It'd be lovely to have some extensions that I could put in pre-festival-away-from-home and not have to worry about for the duration of the 3-day weekend/event. Would you recommend sew-ins, clips, etc. for longer dry AND wet wear..? Something that could go back & forth w/o too much fuss and LOTS of security? I'd love to go to the salon and just get the more permanent kind weaved in pre-event, but I soooo do not have that kind of dinero! *lol* Cheers! ^_^ ♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by ylluria View Post
    Great bit of info! Do you have any recommendations for the wider swathes of extensions..? Or those that would stay in for at least a couple of days (if not longer?) It'd be lovely to have some extensions that I could put in pre-festival-away-from-home and not have to worry about for the duration of the 3-day weekend/event. Would you recommend sew-ins, clips, etc. for longer dry AND wet wear..? Something that could go back & forth w/o too much fuss and LOTS of security? I'd love to go to the salon and just get the more permanent kind weaved in pre-event, but I soooo do not have that kind of dinero! *lol* Cheers! ^_^ ♥
    So I'll start off by saying I'm going with a few things that I've read you say. 1) That your hair is really fine, and 2) that you can't sew. Also I'm not sure if you're asking about extensions that are the same color as your hair, or ones that are different. So I'll just go assuming that you're asking about same color extensions, although some of this could be applied to different color extensions as well.

    Well I know that wefts come in all kinds of widths, some you can get are feet long (like ones some folks use to make their own u-shaped wigs). You can get them long and cut them to length if you don't find pre-cut ones that are wide enough for you, but there's a pretty big selection out there! Synthetic wefts are harder to find since real hair ones are so much more popular, but they are out there!

    As for having them in for a 3 day event, there are different things you could do. Glue in, tape in, and sew in hair would work great, but keep in mind that those extensions are typically meant to last weeks or months. Since this thread is based on really temporary extensions I didn't get into it. That's a whole other thing! But either way, you can install those at home, there are tons of video tutorials on how to do that. It just depends on how well you are at working with multiple mirrors and doing it yourself, or if you have a friend to help you.

    The easiest looking to apply would be glue-in. You just need pre-made wefts of hair, special glue, and the glue solvent for removing.

    Tape-ins are apparently really great for really fine hair, as you take a really thin amount of hair and sandwich the wefts between your own hair and it lays quite flat (see video of instillation here). Glue or tape in extensions that are synthetic may be harder to find- because they are typically left in the hair for weeks or months at a time, human hair is best for that so the hair can be washed, conditioned, styled, ect. But it's pretty easy to make your own tape in extensions by using some loose hair fibers, pre-wefted hair, or wefts that you cuff off of clip in extensions.
    Sew in extensions look really complicated to install. Unless you have a friend who would be willing to do them for you, I wouldn't venture into those waters myself!

    Otherwise, if you don't want to mess about with all that- I would just advise taking the time in the morning of the festivals to use clip ins. However I understand that they may not be as secure as you'd like since your hair is really fine, and you plan on swimming, dancing, ect.

    If you're open to using a u-part wig that would be a good compromise. If you think you hair is too thin for the clip and wire comb method listed above, take a look at this method. It just involves a few strategic normal braids and using wig clips. If you braided your hair before you left for the festival, you could take the wig off at night and put it right back in fast and easy in the morning!

    Other than that, I'm no expert for sure! Google is my only guide, haha You could always ask a hair dresser and see what their advice would be! Just be sure to let them know that you plan to do it yourself instead of coming in to get anything done.

    But in the end, it's just whatever your preference is!

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    I have the wig in the first picture from arda in the same color. I have swam in it with great success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphina Suds View Post
    It's absolutely useful! Good work! I especially appreciate the section about putting the clip ins in thin hair. I have a beautiful extension from wigisfashion but I can't get it to stay put right lol.

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    I feel your pain, I have thin hair too :P Wigisfashion has some lovely synthetic clip-ins, I was tempted but wanted to try the wig out first! What color did you get?

    BTW, for anyone who hasn't seen, this is the wig I got from Wigisfashion:

    The fiber is good quality, quite a bit better than wigs I've had or seen in the past. It's comfortable too, and comes with the adjustable elastic and wig clips inside.
    I haven't used it in the water yet, and I'm not sure I'm going to. It's mostly dry shoots where my hair is the most trouble :P

    I might try using my crap wig in the water first since I don't care if it gets wrecked at this point. It's a super long wig (36" I believe) from that I got becuase Traci Hines endorsed them in her Locketship photoshoot and I thought the wig looked gorgeous (hers was in a different color but the same length and style such). Really poor quality fiber, tangles incredibly easily (even after soaking it in fabric softener, which BTW was the only way to detangle it after it turned into a heap of tangles just by falling off the wig head), sheds like crazy, no wig clips, and the hair at the front of the cap was sewn/glued really sloppy so it's matted with no way to fix it and if you don't part and style the bangs just so, that matted stuff shows... also the wig was meant to be purple, but it has only part purple fibers, and the rest are black! Who does that?? The wig cap was too small (and I have a small head)- that's the one that almost made me pass out, and I had the elastic unsecured so it was lose as it could be. I wouldn't recommend them at all! I might give the silicone spray a go, but if that doesn't work I'm done! So yeah, IMO, avoid! This has been your dissatisfied customer PSA :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winged Mermaid View Post
    I feel your pain, I have thin hair too Wigisfashion has some lovely synthetic clip-ins, I was tempted but wanted to try the wig out first! What color did you get?
    I love the wig you got~ it looks really natural on you!
    I got this one, and it's really pretty, but my natural hair is longer than the extension!

    Name:  uploadfromtaptalk1454425980874.jpg
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    I have to find a good way to curl my hair so it matches the curls in the piece and shortens up enough lol. I got a random green wig that was on sale on amazon and it should be here today, so I'll post that after work :3

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    Got my sale wig! Only tired it on briefly, but it's comfortable. A little static-y but that's just from how dry my apartment is (I've been getting shocked by literally everything in the house).

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    It's a "high quality synthetic fiber" wig by yopo. I don't think I'll swim in it, it's mostly for fun and an eventual Sailor Neptune cosplay

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    Lovely Seraphina! And I love Sailor Moon, and Sailor Neptune is awesome!
    A good tip for you, and others using colored wigs too- do your eyebrows with eyeshadow! Use and angled brush and use eyeshadow the same color, or a shade or two darker, than the wig color. Also it looks even better if you do your inner brow to your arch in one color, and then your arch and ends in a slightly darker shade. Looks more realistic and helps your ends show up well in person and in photos.
    A lot of angled brushes come with a spoolie (a kind of round brush, like this). Once you put the shadow on the inner most part of your brows, brush it out a little with the spoolie, then clean up any smudges not on your brow with a q-tip. It gives it that "gradient" look which makes it even more realistic (and takes away the "drawn on" look).
    Using a concealer or highlighter just under the eyebrow (or most of the way around it, just not on the inner edges) can help it look a lot cleaner and help your eyebrows pop

    That's how I do my eyebrows normally (I have like, no eyebrows otherwise haha, they're so pale and sparse). And I do it with wigs too! It really helps it look realistic, or at least as realistic as you can with unnatural colored hair or wig.
    Oh! And when I swim, I get my brows to stay put by mixing the powder/eyeshadow with aquaseal and apply it that way. It stays put well!

    I don't have many photos of me doing this in a different color than red hair, but here are a few with the purple wig.

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    Oh, cool! I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the tip I'm so new to makeup @-@

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphina Suds View Post
    Oh, cool! I never would have thought of that! Thanks for the tip I'm so new to makeup @-@

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    No worries, we all start somewhere! I'm no expert myself, just like providing helpful tips when I can ^_^ Eyebrows may seem intimidating, but once you practice a little they're easy. Q-tips are good for helping clean up any lines if you mess up. When I first started I just kind of smeared the eyeliner all over and cleaned up with one cause I couldn't "stay in the lines" very well, haha. When you clean up with a q-tip you can feel the brow bone and the lines your brows go along, that kind of helped you know where things are in terms of cleaning up or structuring them. I hope that makes any kind of sense!

    There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to do brows. Some great, some okay, some terrible :P But I learned from watching several different ones for sure

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    You name sense, don't worry! Thanks! I have tomorrow off from work, maybe I'll binge watch makeup tutorials on YouTube

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