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Thread: Officially a model!!

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    Officially a model!!

    HERE IT IS GUYS!!! My photo's for the curvy tails on The2Tails website!! Ahh! Can't even believe this happened
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    Congratulations! You are really pretty!
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    Gorgeous mer! I have two 2tails tails and I just love them. Congratulations!

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    Gorgeous! I love the way your hair color contrasts with the pink tail! So lovely!
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    Congratulations! You look beautiful!

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    Congrats!! You're so pretty, and you look AMAZING in those tails!! <3

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    Congratulations! You look lovely!
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    This is awesome! I saw it on Facebook. It's good to see 2tails expanding to appreciate mers of all body types <3
    And you did such a lovely job modeling. You look like a pro.

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    Congratulations!!! They look amazing!!!!

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    This is amazing! You look so lovely! Make us non-model mers proud! And keep us updated?

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    Support from my fellow Mers means the absolute world to me
    I will definitely keep everyone updated!
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    Congratulations! You are so beautiful, and look amazing in those photos!
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    You look amazing. Way to go

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    Woman you look hot as hell!!!
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    You look beautiful.


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