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Thread: Coney Island Mer-Meetups June - Sept 2016 click on link for updates

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    Smile Coney Island Mer-Meetups June - Sept 2016 click on link for updates Hi Pod! summer is here in NYC, that means its Swimming Time! so lets get together and meet new and old merfriends, merchat interact with the merfolks and take lots of photos/videos.... and of course Swimmmm!! Hope you can come out and join me for a splashing fun day. For updates and new dates click on event link to my page I can set up meetups to accomadate any ones schedule as long as your willing to come i be there here is photo of last weekends mini-meetup Name:  13466323_1021349817900368_6852167650115820162_n.jpg
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Size:  88.7 KB Elexus the Silver Mermaid Mermaid Mandi and me Here is the link to Event for Aug. 1. 2016
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    #ConeyMerMeetup set for July 9, same location, #MermaidSpot at Coney Island Beach, Stillwell Surf ave. Bklyn, NY #MermaidSpot last jetty before the pier, behind the #ThunderboltRide 11-3pm Swim on over
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    Hi Mer's seems i have to cancel meetup for this Saturday the 9th, will post new date this week hope you can make it

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Size:  66.5 KB Hi Mer's!! New #ConeyMerMeetup Date Saturday 23rd 11-3pm same location #mermaidspot come join us swim and have loads of fun Sea you there

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    Hi Mer's! hope your having a great summer! I have added two dates for my #coneymermeetups really would love it if you can come and swim with us. Next one is next Sat 23rd same location everyone's favorite #mermaidmeetupspot #coneyisland for those of you who work weekends have set up one for Mon. Aug 1st so swim on over
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    Hi Mer's rescheduled mermeetup for Monday 8th same location #mermaidspot at Coney Island hope you will join us ! Here is link to Event Page swim on by for details

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    Hi Mer's sorry havent heard from anyone here going to my meetup tomorrow, but your in luck i be having another one on the 20th so you can still join us Meanwhile here are a few photos of my escapades in NYC

  9. #9 Hi Mer's hope you can make it to this meetup come the 19th! lots of fun we even having film/producer from Refinery29 doing a coverage on our meetups so have your fins ready and join us

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    Name:  3197f803-69a6-474b-9ae6-d412c9783e2dtsone.jpg
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Size:  145.8 KB Hi Pod! wish you were there yesterdays meetup was so much fun. hope you can make the next one, summer is almost over, but we have a few weeks of warm weather so lets make a splashing time of it. So come on and swim with us on Sept 11th on a Sun. from 11-3pm same spot #mermaidspot

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    HI mer's so summer is over but swimming isnt stay tuned for updates for my winter season meetups at my local indoor pool come o my page for updates tbp

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