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Thread: Northern meet up possibilities

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    Northern meet up possibilities


    The majority of the meet ups I see on here are more in the NY are which is really hard for me to get to. I was thinking I would set up a meetup (through the app, and here) for people in the more Boston/Cape Cod/farther north areas.

    That being said, I'd like to see if there's any interest first.
    Would people be interested in that?
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    YESS!!!✔ Absolutely I live in Holyoke and its hard for me to get to any meetups if they did some further north it would be great!

    yay signature pic back Thanks!

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    Good! I'm trying to do research on where would be a good place to meet

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    Instagram: @harrietmedmonds
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    My mersisters are on this forum and from same Pod of New England they live in Boston,MA and they have several meetups and mermaid gatherings coming up this month you can reach out to them, they are the best! You can go to Group page on FB she has them posted there. Its a closed group but you can message her Susan Gardner

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    I have several meetups throughout the summer too, but i too am in NYC but your more than welcome to join us, im having one tomorrow, but next one will be on Aug 20th

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    I would love to meet up, I live in NH but Boston is only a 45 minute drive anyway. I've never done a meet up since I'm so new to the community, so hopefully one day I can meet up with some other mers


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