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Thread: Any mers from NH/MA/ME? Looking for some friends!

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    Any mers from NH/MA/ME? Looking for some friends!

    I'm relatively new to the community, I've been lurking the boards for a few months and finally got my first tail (from finfun) last week! It's hard to find other active people from the area, so I would love to know if anyone from the north is active on the forum I would love to make a few friends and possibly set up swim meet up in the future! I live about 45 minutes from Boston, in southern NH. I would really enjoy to talk to some people and make some friends nonetheless!

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    Hello from Boston!

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    Hi! I'm Shadow (my mermaid name). I'm nearish Concord NH, in Andover NH. It's literally the middle of no where, and also I felt like there would be no one else around, but I was wrong!

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    Hi, I'm mermaid Sariel from Boston. I would love to plan a meet up and swim in the future!

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    I'm from that area too. I often swim in Concord with another friend at her local gym's pool--they're very receptive to mer-types.

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