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Thread: Official Mer-friend Fall/Winter meetups 2016-2017

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    Talking Official Mer-friend Fall/Winter meetups 2016-2017

    Hello my lovely members,

    Just letting you know I'm currently working on two meetups, One in a pool and other just in human form. Im trying for October (my birthday months whoo!), So if you are interested in either one, Let me know and what days you have available so I can work out a scheduled day so we can all meet up.

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    I would love to come! where would it be at?

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    it would be in New york, BUT, we are working on a way to meet halfway since some of the pod lives upstate, boston rode island etc. I will be more than happy to keep in contact once we figure all of this out also welcome to the forum my dear

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    Sorry I haven't been around lately! Keep me posted - I'd love to meet up!

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    Hey, is anyone organizing meetups for the upcoming months?
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    Would love to meet up with everyone! I'm already feeling lonely after Mermania.

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