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Thread: Favorite California beaches?

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    Favorite California beaches?

    So I need to have more dumb adventures in my home state, and I'm curious what everyone's favorite beaches are in our lovely state xD

    I went to Newport beach recently and I love it there! But I also really like La Jolla, it has nice tidepools and I'm all about that. And I'm nostalgic for Imperial Beach since I lived there for a few years.

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    Ventura harbor cove beach is not much of a beach, but its behind a breakwater. The waves are very small, making it easy to get into the water while wearing your tail.
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    Point Loma has really good tidepools. La Jolla is also good for snorkeling. Catalina is fun if you ever wanna go more North. Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach are good for surfing. As is Blacks Beach, though it is a nude beach so caution there.

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    Oooo nice! Definitely gonna be taking more day trips soon XD

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    My favorites are Laguna and Sunset Cliffs in San Diego.
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    La Jolla is a blast, but if I'm honest, my favorite California Beaches are the plain ol' Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan beaches. Like sure they're dirty and crowded, but they're my childhood!

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    Growing up coastal I wish I could say I have swam at more of our beaches, but I am pretty limited to the beaches in the Ventura/Carpinteria regions of the state. That being said, I am also rather fond of Mom's beach. I grew up at that beach and the harbor village accross the street is a quaint little spot to grab a bite to eat after a nice swim.

    I would love to make it down south a bit more to one of the larger pod meets though and swim in some of the slightly warmer at nicer beaches.
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    Laguna, and Corona Del Mar (because that was my usual growing up). I recently visited White Point, which looks nice, and I'll probably actually hit the water for scuba soon. Near-shore hot vents apparently make it nice!
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    You can't swim at most of them, but I've always been a sucker for the northern beaches round Humboldt and Mendocino- I find them very picturesque and the tidepools are always bustling with life!

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    I love going to Poplar Beach in Halfmoon Bay and different places in Santa Cruz!
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