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Thread: What do you guys think about Tridents?

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    What do you guys think about Tridents?

    What are your thoughts on them? Do any of you guys have a trident? Anything that involves Trident related topics bring them to this thread!

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    I personally love tridents! As a siren, a girl, that is, that isn't my weapon of choice or symbol of power. But I love them for mermen, or mermaids that want to look a bit more fierce and strong. They can also be works of art, extremely beautiful.

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    I'd like to have one some day. I like tridents, or spears for merfolk, and I think if done right they can look amazing for mers.
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    Merman Anceos has some photos of him with his trident scattered throughout this topic:

    I really like tridents. You don't see them much in mer photos and/or videos but I think they add a whole new feeling to your mer character. Like a warrior or powerful feeling.

    I don't have a trident but I have thought about making one. Especially since I decided my mersona is a warrior.
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    personally, I would like a trident. But I want my trident to be special, i don't know how yet... just i don't want anyone else to have the same one. And it would be great if it unscrewed in sections so I could put it in a travel bag.
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    Heck yeah! A trident would be awesome. I'd love to give off the Sea-God vibe thing, like from Percy Jackson:
    Name:  trident-pjo-the-lightning-thief-movie-17283426-1268-544.jpg
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    Or Aqua-Man.
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    Tridents on a Mermaid or a Merman look so badass.
    I have tried to make one before but they're just so hard to make perfectly
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    I think they are awesome.

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    I love tridents. Some time ago I started a trident thread, but it fizzled out. Still, if you look through it, you might find some things you like.

    Wow, I just found it. That was three years ago. Time flies and all that.

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    I love tridents, especially if they go with your mersona and there's so many different styles to choose from. I find that they add a bit of edge.

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    I love my trident, I made it forever ago and I still use it. It was as a Aquaman cosplay prop, so it comes apart at certain places so that it can fit in cars/bags ect.
    I use it for mermaid too! I acutely broke it on my last photo shoot. Thankfully it was a clean brake between the trident and the staff, so I just put a double ended screw on it and now it is even more collapsible!
    Here is a great photo:
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    I follow a few cosplay blogs and this came across my feed today and I thought I'd link it here.

    Quite Frankly Builds Tutorial: Aquaman's Trident Build This seems like something many skilled folks here could accomplish and the final piece is just stunning.

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    Oh that is beautiful.


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