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Thread: Potential move to Georgia?

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    Potential move to Georgia?

    Alright, so I was thinking about moving in 2018, or 2019? Depending on college and how things go here. However mom and I, and a friend who wants to move up there with her boyfriend in the same general area, are going to be coming up during March for maybe a week to scope out the state and see what areas we like most. I'm planning on building a cabin, with a bit of land so I can maybe grow my own food, and maybe live near some mountains. This is where my Georgia mers come in.
    What places have you experienced to be the most accepting? I'm bi (leans towards women) and I'd prefer to be somewhere outside of a city that's at least accepting and maybe fun to hang out in? Basically I don't want to get harassed a lot if I wind up with a girl and I'm holding her hand.
    Where would you recommend on weather? I'm terribly tired of the humidity and the endless heat of Southwest Florida. Right now it's December and it feels like it should be June or something with how hot it was today. I don't mind heat, but I would prefer it be in the spring and summer months, and maybe be able to see snow sometimes in the winter. Not a lot, but some because I like it, just not in the amounts people get up north.
    If I had to add any places to visit to my list while I'm up there, what would you recommend? How are places to swim? I personally won't mind if I mostly stick to a pool, because I plan on saving and having one built with rocks and a waterfall and be a fairly decent size with maybe the deepest being 12 or so feet deep.
    I probably have more things I should know, but I would love to hear from this community on what you think?
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    Ellijay or dahlonega maybe a good area and they have the Amicalola Falls near there. There's a natural spring pool out in Cave Springs which that I like but it can be busy and only opens during the summer. Rome is near there and has lots of cool places to hang out and has the colleges nearby making it very accepting.


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