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Thread: First Monofin Help!

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    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!! I DID IT!!! I ordered my very first monofin! It will be here between next Tuesday and next Saturday!!! I can't wait! I'm soo excited!!!! Updates to come!

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    Oh my gosh yesssss!!!!
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    Okay so- Plans changed. Sun tails is offering a sale on their fabric tails- and so I cancelled my Mahina Merfin for this time around... But this way if I do end up working at a Renaissance Faire this summer- I'll have an actual tail? XP Heh...

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    Yeah it is nice to have the full tail right away. When I got my monofin I was like..."Ahh darn now I need to make the skin to go over it." haha
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    It was supposed to be here Monday- but with the weather I haven't recieved any tracking updates!! -.- urrgghh! Haha

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    The suspense is never fun. Did you check the option to get tracking updates by text message? Sometimes they will notify you more through that then they will online.
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    I decided to go with email updates which have been incredibly helpful! (and not at all a distraction,heh) It arrived at the local post office this morning!! I'm so excited! I should be gettijg it either today or tomorrow (as long as the weather holds.)

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    I hope the weather holds then!
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    It's here!! I saw the truck and got the arrival notice... but I have to wait for the front desk to sort it, realize it definitely doesn't fit in a mail box and email me to come pick or up... totally not checking my email every 2 minutes XP

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    Still nothing! I just want my tail!! Lol

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