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Thread: 2016 Year in Review

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    2016 Year in Review

    I thought I'd share our 2016 year in review for people to see what we've been up to! If anything interests you, we have specific details usually every 3 months or so recapped on our website blog. (this si the one for my business, not me personally: )

    What a fin-tastic year it has been for mermaids! As my usual tradition I am counting down some of the best moments that happened to me in 2016!
    I started January 2016 off by performing New Year’s Eve with my sister in front of the whole city, broadcasted live on TV. We donned fabric tails with long underwear underneath and performed alongside the awesome Christina Martin. Then we barely got any sleep and we were off to North Carolina for the first ever Mermania convention where I met up with many merfolk, gave a workshop on Youtube, and made an appearance on CNN

    Backstage with Christina Martina

    Giving workshops at Mermania


    Blowing Kisses from Mermania

    photo album for Mermania:

    Once I was back in Canada my sister and I put on The Girl’s Empowerment Workshop in Sussex, NB and it was a great success once again.

    Image album here:

    news article

    Next our team started the first published study on mermaid tails with the help of the Aquatron facility at Dalhousie University, and some mer-mazing engineers. We would spend the next 6 months in and out of the facility, in different tails, and monofins. Eventually we’d have a prototype adaptation to fins that allows for less pain around the ankles and the ability to remove the monofin hands free (even in a tail).

    Photo albums:

    getting ready for the study

    Testing the hands free function in an earlier prototype

    The team

    I went on to work the International boat show where I met and made friends with Torin- someone who I now consider family. Then, Sean was featured all over the news for his work as a merwrangler!

    Boat show photos:

    Torin, our ne wbuddy!

    Sean in the News

    3 books I was involved in about sea turtles were then published. I got my copies in the mail and it was super exciting.

    I did some great fundraising work for the Children’s Wish Foundation (the same group that sent me to Disney when I was a kid) and got up close and personal with some reptiles and a big ol spider! I spent some time with wish kids and it was very magical.

    see photo album here:

    March saw us doing library tours, and a commercial spot for The Compass Rose, where I go for sensory deprivation floats to help my chronic pain.

    Library tours:

    Mimi and I were then featured in an awesome article about the ecological work Halifax Mermaids do. This was followed by several radio interviews too. Mimi was awarded the lifesaving award for rescuing a little boy while she was 9 months pregnant!

    Media article:

    Then we launched two really big things! Our Mermaid school and repping Mermaid Linden’s Body Glove monofin for kids! Both of these were a huge amount of work. We were the first mobile mermaid school for years in Canada, and now the first weekly mermaid school in NS. There was a lot of news coverage, and we sold a lot of fins too! We welcomed Merwrangler Arthur to our team, and did a huge photoshoot to promote our fins. I had my first custo-mer which was super exciting. We launched a monofin safety section on the website, and went on to do a safety campaign in the media

    selling fins

    Mermaid school and selling fins

    News coverage

    Photo albums:

    Mimi and Nessie did the princess tea party fundraiser for the children’s wish foundation, and Mimi did a store anniversary gig on her very first Mother’s Day where I ran to see her. We also hit our 1 year anniversary from having been awarded our $10,000 grant! We also hit the 3 year anniversary since I published my first book. Victoria graduated from Makeup school and Nessie finished her first year of ECE.

    Princess tea photo album:

    Mimi on Mother's Day:


    Kristin and Kay joined our team, and Kristin was put to work right away running literacy workshops. Kay joined me volunteering for Hope for Wildlife. Our mermaid school was on the news again talking about safety!

    Kristin and I

    Kay and I

    I published my THIRD book and did a really fun livestream for it, and then Mimi and I got busy hanging out with the Mayor for Bedford Days.


    The Mayor in the rain

    Summer was a whirlwind of bookings and public appearances, our team kicked butt getting them all done. We also launched adult lessons and gave Sean’s 71 year old lesson IN THE OCEAN and she was mermazing! We did some work for various ocean education programs, and the team enjoyed a rainy sand castle festival too.

    One of MANY parties

    In the news for the sand castle festival

    71 in a tail

    Arthur Drooker’s Conventional Wisdom book was published and Sean and I were thrilled to receive our copy and be featured in his book. I also spoke at Hal-con about how mermaid work created resiliency in me and helped me overcome many issues to a totally packed crowd both days. I enjoyed posing for photos with many people.

    Conventional Widsom

    Giving talks at Hal-con

    Photo ops at Halcon

    I did some rep work for The Filthy Mermaid, and Salty Mermaid Designs, and finished up 10 months of personal training with my amazing trainer. I was featured on Post Secret! Ama and I got matching Ohana Tattoos and I launched my “Mermaid Monday” series on Youtube.

    Ama, Victoria and I all filmed a music video for Heather Rankin that will be coming out in April, and I filmed a commercial too for insurance. I become a member of the Centre for Women in Business, and AIDA Canada while working on my freediving!

    I’ve spent the end of the year planning and preparing for NC Mermania next month and couldn’t be more excited for it.

    What a whirlwind of a year!!!

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    After such a rough year overall where so many people are spending time focusing on the negative, it is very refreshing to see all the wonderful and positive things someone has experienced this last year. Thank you for sharing your adventures and achievements with us.
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    Thank you for sharing this with us! Really inspiring to me as someone who's starting my mer-journey next year! I'm so excited and this was so refreshing to read through!

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    Sean and I filmed a little livestream talking about the year!


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