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Thread: I have designed scale fabric!

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    Red face I have designed scale fabric!

    I am excited to share with everyone that I have designed some scale fabric!

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    While I have designed six different colors, three of them need some editing and are not available yet for ordering. The ones that are available for purchase at the moment are Iona's Scales (Blue), Raina's Scales (Gold), and Ariel's Scales (Green.) They can be purchased on different kinds of fabrics, including lycra. As I have only ordered the samples on cotton, I cannot say how they print on lycra material, but I can say they do look better in person than they do in the picture I have provided.

    Bonus! They can also be printed as wrapping paper so you can give mermaid-scaled covered gifts! ... And wallpaper, but I cannot see these as wallpaper without going a little nuts.

    I plan to work on fixing the other scales tonight and ordering another test print, then designing some more scales and other fabrics down the road. Feel free to check out my work!

    PS- Admin! Feel free to move this post if I put it in the wrong spot, and I'm sorry about that. <3

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    These look so beautiful! I'm so excited!

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    Love it

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    Your designs are really pretty.

    (Now offering custom tail designs!)

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    So cute!! I love the baby blue one!

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    These are AMAZING!!! <3

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    Love the orange, lime and pink! Those colors really pop!
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    those are super fun! Love the colors!!

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    That's awesome!!! And you can print them onto fleece too, to make an authentic mermaid tail blanket!!! I love it!

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