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Thread: Mers from Belgium or The Netherlands?

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    Mers from Belgium or The Netherlands?

    Hello fellow mers, I'm new and wondering if there are any mers from Belgium or The Netherlands.
    I would like to know some mers living here!
    I'm from Belgium btw!
    Much Merkisses from Mermaid Kiko

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    I'm a mermaid that lives in Belgium I just moved to Deinze from Antwerp and still looking far a pool where I can swim with my monofin to keep up with my exercises.

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    Oh hello!! I'm from Vorselaar province Antwerp but I come a lot in Antwerp and around itself! searching for more pools too! I know one but it rather small deep enough but small (but not many people come there so that's fine)
    Much Merkisses from Mermaid Kiko

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    I used to go to this pool ( to do my exercises with my monofin No problem there, only no tails allowed.

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    Dutch mer here, from around Rotterdam ^^
    Your imagination is your only limit

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    Mermaid Fenicia oh think it's so weird that a mono fin is allowed but with a tail on it not. It's just te same only some more fabric haha

    Azurin Luna Nice to meet you!!
    Much Merkisses from Mermaid Kiko

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    It's the fabric (below the knee) that is the problem in the pools in Antwerp. They won't allow lose shorts or skirts (even it it's attached to the bathing-suit) only tight speedo's, bikini's and bathing-suits. Some pools even have a vending-machine to sell the 'right' stuff.

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    Same here in some pools... I've been swimming in a pool in Pulderbos. It's known as a pool for children that are rehabilitating They don't mind tails as long as it's not crowded and don't hurt anybody with it but this never happend to me and the children and even parents love to see me swim there. In the summer or when it's hot enough I go to De Lilsebergen in Lille(Gierle) or Zilvermeer in Mol. and of course also the sea.. but in The Netherlands at Neeltje Jans not the swimming pool thingie but at the beach it's really great there not many people come there so it's not really crowded and also lots of seals that aren't afraid of humans and just will come to you
    Much Merkisses from Mermaid Kiko

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    That would be lovely!
    Much Merkisses from Mermaid Kiko

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    I've seen pics on your cosplay-page and I think we already met at Abunai and/or other conventions

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    I'm also from the Netherlands . I live near Utrecht. Hope to meet you at a meet sometime. Btw, there is a facebook group for Dutch speaking mermaids. It's called Dutch mermaids.
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