Welp, I was searching around on here for a few hours, dodging homework.. Whoops. Anyways, I'm 18, been interested in mermaids my entire life. I'm frequently called either a mermaid or a fish, because i'll stay in water for unbelievable amounts of time. Anyways, i'm looking at making my first tail. After years of planning on buying one i've decided to go with making one.. Should be interesting because i'm not exactly the crafty type. I'm thinking of making a few sequin tails, as I really love how they look, and they are a bit cheaper to make. So anyways, I got A LOT going on for me this year.. Losing weight, making a tail(s), and whatever else throws in my face.
My co worker who does cosplay actually convinced me to finally start working on these tail ideas I got.. So I figured here would be a good place to start. So any tips on first time tails would be great.. Also in my hiding of looking around I was AMAZED to see so many from Oklahoma!! Like holy fins.. It made me so happy! I thought I was the odd one out around here. Lol.