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Thread: Why you do what you do?

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    Why you do what you do?

    Hey Mer-people! So I had an argument with my ex as to why I decided to become a mermaid. He just couldn't except me for who I am and it bothered me. So this got me to thinking. I was told it was childish and I needed to grow up and leave it behind me. But to me it isn't childish, it's freeing! I love doing it!

    So as the thread asks, why do you love being a mer-person? Do you get ridiculed for it?? (and) What helps you embrace it???

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    I actually did a blog post o my mermaid/fairy blog (MyFaerieKingdom) about this exact topic back in November. I will post it bellow:

    Why I chose this path

    Its a warm autumn Saturday, the breeze is gentle and it rustles it way through the leaves of the near by trees, children’s laughter can be heard as they play on the equipment nearby. And there sitting on a hill under a tree is a single fairy perched on a blanket playing soft notes on a small pan flute as she stumbles her way through a non existent melody. Adults throwing confused and judgemental looks at her as they give her a wide berth. But then something magical happens, someone not so scared of what others will think spots her and their eyes light up.
    “Look a Fairy! There is a fairy right over there!”

    The exclamation causes more eyes to turn and children start to see her too. Their eyes lighting up with wonder as they stop what they are doing and immediately beeline for the lone fae under her tree….
    I get asked all the time why I do what I do. Whether this is from confused adults who think my bubble isn’t quite centered or from teenagers and children who are so in awe that they have just met a real life fairy at the park or a mermaid at the beach that they want to know why I am out there doing this.
    Miss Fairy are you real?

    The simple answer is yes, I am. But when it comes to little ones I never lie. My response is always the same, “Do you think I am real?”. I let them touch my wings, asking them to be gentle because I am ticklish and sometimes I even give out trinkets to those bold enough to approach me. My only rule is that I let each individual decide for themselves how much of the magic they chose to believe in.
    Why are you here?

    Well it looked like such a nice day and all you humans seemed to be having so much fun at this park I thought it would be a good place to rest my wings.
    People always want to know why I am at the various locations I pop up at. It is almost as if I have to have a justifiable reason for being in a costume spreading smiles, even if I am just doing that by minding my own business. As a matter of fact I remember one time my cousin and I were at the farmers market downtown both as fairies and someone was very concerned that we were hired to be there and was bothered that we were buying produce. We tried to politely explain to the woman that no, this is just how we prefer to dress and that like herself, we just wanted to pick up some fruits and vegetables from local farmers. This seemed to unsettle her quite a bit as she still continued to lecture us and demand that we “perform for her entertainment if we were going to be dressed like that at a public event”.
    Please don’t misunderstand though, I will very rarely turn down a request for a riddle or something small if I am out and about in a faesona, but just because I chose to look this way does not mean that I have to do anything. I am an individual with rights just like everyone else, I just chose to do something different with my appearance.
    Okay, well if you get so much trouble for it, then why do you chose to be a fairy/mermaid?

    Ah, I’m glad you asked friend. When I was a wee never-bug I had an unlimited imagination and I was lucky enough to have very creative parents who sewed and were open-minded that fostered that imagination. I had an entire closet full of whimsical fantasy costumes I had dreamed up and my mother had spent hours tirelessly creating so that I could have a magical childhood. We held masquerades, tea parties, read books of far off places where dragons were real and elves roamed. My room was even modeled after what I thought a fairies room might look like: my entire ceiling was a canopy of tulle, flowers, and vines; subtle glitter sparkled across every surface; my lamps were even disguised as metal scroll work or flowers.
    Growing up in such a creative and free environment gave me an opportunity to find a safe haven from a lot of the scary things that come up as we become adults, but many of my friends were not so lucky. And as we got older the differences really began to show in how much hope we fostered. Those same friends who as children were running around dreaming of being anything have settled for what they refer to ask “soul-sucking” 9-5’s that take so much out of them all they do is come home, drink, and go to sleep. They aren’t living their lives. They are so bogged down by the societal expectation that they have to achieve certain things to be viewed as successful that they have forgotten the most important part: if you forget to actually live your life along the way none of those achievements really matter. You cannot take any of it with you.
    It is time we stop worrying what others will think if it is getting in the way of our dreams. I hear it all the time from adults when I am out and about in character.
    “Wow this is so cool. It sounds like so much fun, but I could never do that.”
    Well why not? I have chosen an unusual path because I want to do something to change this. To actively contribute to keeping the magic alive for others as long as humanly possible. The real world is a very scary place at times and if we let all the magic die what do we have left to dream about to keep us going?
    I do it for the look in that child’s eyes when they first see me. The over stressed college student who feels like they are drowning in a see of stress who for just a moment can relax and remember what it was like to be a carefree kid. For anyone whoes light is starting to go out.

    ~~~ Sometimes life just needs a bit of magic ~~~
    Or you can follow my magical adventures at MyFaerieKingdom

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    Why I want to be a mermaid..?

    Well... The world is so noisy. Everybody is talking, and the sound of the city, even the sing of the birds sometimes is too much for me. I want to become a mermaid because in the water nothing disturbes the silence. I feel peace, almost the peace of the woods and the mountains.

    ~Neerai Every, the Pirate Mermaid~

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    In my opinion, just because children love something it doesn't mean adults can't love it too. As long as you are mature and responsible, who cares what you do as a hobby?? Some people even choose this as a career. So it could be compared to dancing or football. You do it because it makes you happy and you are not harming anyone. Pleasing other people should never be a reason to stop doing what you love.

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    I do what I do, because its fun and good exercise. I don't care what people think of it. Its MY hobby, my personal escape where I can forget my human life and just relax without worries.
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    Well In 2005 my lung collapsed and i ended up having part of my right lung removed, The doctor suggested I try different activities to get my lungs back into shape. He said ‘Swim.’ And I said, ‘Ok, I can do swimming, that’s my thing.’ Afterward, a friend of mine suggested I look into monofins to help me out. From there I found Mermaid Kariel and Mermaid Linden both, who are really well-known in the community, and decided to be an enthusiast. At first I was scared about doing it, but I had an amazing support system, my husband told me "Do what you want to do, as long as it makes you happy." My mom was and so far has lived vicariously through me (because she wanted to be a weekie wachee mermaid) with all the times i go to her house and she wants to see photos and hear about the parties and the kids.
    My dad was a bit iffy about it. He wasn't sure until he saw me, he saw me working a party with the kids and saw how the kids reacted to me (utter amazement) and after that he's been the "proud papa" showing all his friend my photos, videos and always telling them "my daughter works with kids, she entertains, but she loves what she does and makes people so happy."

    Becoming professional was a start that I will always remember, literally 3 weeks into the mermaid business. I was still iffy about doing it. but one weekend being at the beach with some friends and we were in tail. A little girl came up to us and was just enthralled with us in general, I talked to her and told her some stories we swam in the shallows and played together and at the end of it all the mom came over to me practically crying and thanked me for sharing the time with her daughter, because it was her birthday and sadly due to financial troubles they really couldn't afford anything special for her. I felt for the mom and of course the kid and i told the mom i was still 'new to the business', but id be more than happy to do a meet and greet for her and her friends. It was pretty much memorable party, may have just been promotional (and I got rewarded with a piece of cake.) But because of what I did, I got recommended and have done many parties because of the moms referral. I have returned back 2 times to the little girl's birthday, she just turned six this summer, boy was she amazed at my 'evolved' tail.

    To me its not about the money, its never about the money, I've lowered my rates knowing some families are struggling and even done a few parties free of charge. But it always came back to me in a good way (yay karma). I enjoy what I do because it make kids and people happy. I love doing that because sometimes there a kid out there thats not in the best of health or just dealing with a lot in general. But having that moment with them, making them smile and bringing their imaginations to life. It's so worth it. And I can leave knowing I made that kids (and their friends and families) day. That is why I do what I do. I dont care about being on tv or in movies or documentaries. I just want to enjoy what I do and make a small difference in a child's life, even if its for a half hour.
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    It sounds like it's a good thing he's an ex! Life is too short to not do what makes you happy. Some guys build model cars, now there's even adult coloring books. I know that for me, being in the water (swimming like a Mermaid) takes away my stress and allows me to feel truly happy. I know that you will find support here and one day meet the right one for you
    ~Mermaid Kailani~

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    Thanks guys! Yeah I've decided to be like Bruce Wayne and keep my Batman side undercover! Makes it more fun anyway, like h2o or mako mermaids!
    I decided to become a mermaid several years ago after discovering Mermaid Kariel and Mermaid Melissa and Mermaid Linden! It is so much fun and makes me feel calm and free and it relieves so much stress from the real world! There is no way I would Never give this up and I am so thankful for my beautiful tail! If anyone out there can't except me for who I am, too bad! I don't need human approval!
    NY Mermaid that is an awesome story of recovery! I am so glad that you're alright and enjoying your fins!
    Saelyyia, I'm gonna have to go check out your blog, that was a great article!

    I am a very happy, independent, single mermaid!
    Hope you mers are having an awesome weekend!


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