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Thread: Mertailor's New "Monofin-less" Tail??!

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    Mertailor's New "Monofin-less" Tail??!

    Yes , you heard me right. Eric has designed a tail that doesn't have a monofin.
    I can't link photos (I'm on the web , I don't have Tapatalk ) ,
    But one photo on his Instagram is of MusicCityMermaid , and its like you can't see her heels at all! I'm not sure if this is just Photoshop though.
    But I have one question :

    How is it possible to swim in a silicone tail without a monifin?
    I would imagine the silicone would be super heavy on your feet .(?)

    Anyways , he says that these "monofinless tails" will be on the market soon , so , I wonder if this is something good!

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    loads of people tried them at mermania! I saw them in person. We've posted a lot of pics on the mermania instagram.

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    AniaR ,
    Oh I so forgot that :P
    Look who's gonna be stalking the Mermania hashtag. Lol.
    These tails are actually quite interesting to me , for some reason.

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    It does look way more ethereal but I doubt it does much for propulsion

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    Oh that's soo pretty....

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    Maybe use stiffer silicone for the fin. It would also be used around the feet, so you can get swimming power into the fin. The stiffer silicone would blend to the more flexible silicone at the ankles, so you can slide your feet in and out. By building up thick silicone behind the ankles, you could blend them into the legs, hiding them.
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    Looks amazing! I wonder how much they'll sell for...?
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    Oh wow. I have a tail twin! Different maker though. Very curious to know how that propulsion is without a monofin; mine would be a total drag without one. Pun absolutely intended.

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    Doesn't Pearlie Mae already have a monofinless tail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mermaidminya View Post
    Doesn't Pearlie Mae already have a monofinless tail?
    think she does, but so does Mike Van Daal, and the original Splash tail was also monofinless.

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    Maybe you have to be a very strong swimmer to be able to push that monofinless tail through the water?
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    To update this, Eric just launched two monofinless tails. One is called the Allure tail and it's more professional and realistic looking and starts at $3,500 USD, it also currently has three fluke designs. The other one was just resently put on his website and they're called the Spellbound tails, they're $800 USD and a bit less realistic but still pretty nice by the looks of it. Apparently he uses some sort of stiffer silicone instead of the monofin and the people who tried the allure tail at mermania seemed to have liked it.

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    Has anyone here tried it? Could they shed some light on how much propulsion the tail had?
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    There should be some videos on YouTube about it with the mermania videos. I know Merman Arion just received his, but that's all I know as far as owning one. In Mermaid Kelly's mermania video I'm pretty sure she tried the allure tail and gives a small review about it.

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    I'd be worried about using one in the ocean, it doesn't seem it'd be that strong for ocean currents and waves. They seem fine in pools and in controlled waters though.

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    I have to agree with Coralia. It would definitely be risky for a mermaid to try the tails out in the ocean without first having support like a diver or two with her or a rope to keep hold of. Despite it being a stiffer silicone I'm sure it won't hold the same strength a freedive fin such as a competitor has.
    Maybe we'll find out more about it's capabilities in the future? If they're not ocean safe- then a warning on the listings for them might be a good idea.
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