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Thread: Pacific Mermaid ready to dip into the Mer World!

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    Pacific Mermaid ready to dip into the Mer World!

    Hi, I'm Rylee! I live in Washington state and am extremely new to mermaiding.... ready to get to know mermaids both in and out of my pods, and despite me researching day and night, dropping tips in my inbox is always SO APPRECIATED!!! Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to everything!
    My beginner-ness is showing.

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    Hi Rylee. I'm Jason. I'm still in the learning process of mermaiding but I'll be happy to share what I know as I learn. I'll be happy to give you the few tips I do know and things I'm learning so you can learn from the mistakes that I do. I just recently got my tail a couple days ago and I already tried it. It's soo amazing. I am on facebook more than I'm on here. If you like, I can send you a message from Facebook as I don't like revealing my last name on a public forum. Feel free to inbox me. It's always nice watching and help a fellow mer build their fins.

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    Hi there Rylee! I'm Tula! I'm down in Idaho. Welcome to mernetwork!
    Hi! I'm Sam, aka Mermaid Tula, aka Comatose Angel.
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    Hi and welcome! I'm a newish mermaid as well... I got my first tail almost a month ago but I've only had the chance to swim in it once because my neighborhood pool is closed for the winter. So we can be newbs together!

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    Welcome to Mernetwork! Always great to meet new mers! I got my tail at the beginning of January and while I've swam with the monofin a ton! I have yet to swim with the fabric tail portion. Even though that's what they recommend for the first bit of time anyway- I'm super impatient to wait. (I have to have the pool I swim at respond to my questions first.) So- another newbie here haha, but I can try to offer a lot of advice from my trial and error experiences lately! Once again welcome to the network! and welcome to the Merworld! Haha

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    Welcome to the mermaiding community! I'm also a Pacific Northwester and you might run into me on the facebook pod groups!
    Faithonthebass Out

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    HI!! Welcome to Mernetwork!!!

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    Welcome to Mernetwork, fellow Washingtonian!

    Triton Mahtlinnie of Puget Sound
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    Welcome to MerNetwork! <3
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