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Thread: Not technically new, but MIA longer than Nemo!

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    Not technically new, but MIA longer than Nemo!

    Howdy y'all, I'm Mitch, aka Seatan, aka Seavanna--I have had merpeople know me by quite a few names over the years. I've been mermaiding since about 2013, though I haven't been on Mernetwork for about a year. Since that's quite awhile and there seems to be a LOT of new mers, I figured I might as well introduce myself again. I live in Arlington, Texas (that's by Dallas), I'm certified as a SCUBA Divemaster, and I am totally broke so I never get to USE my SCUBA certification anywhere fun. For a living I am a personal stylist for Stitch Fix, which is a lot less fun than it seems, and the best part of my life was probably the year I spent living on the island of Utila (off of Roatan in Honduras) getting my Divemaster cert. Sadly I couldn't take my tail with me since it was just too pricey to ship and Utila is the kind of island you have to take a puddle jumper to get to so there was no bringing it on the flight. I guess that's all I have to say about my fishy side! Nice to meet all of ye new merpeople and greetings to old friends!
    Once upon a time I was known as Seavanna. Going by Seatan these days. I always wanted to be the high lord of underwater hell.

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    Your bird makes your profile pic! Lol, she's adorable!

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    Welcome back Seatan! <3
    Hi! I'm Sam, aka Mermaid Tula, aka Comatose Angel.
    Hey everyone. I just opened my store on Facebook.

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    User previously know as "Comatose_Angel"

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    Welcome back! Good to sea you again! <3

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    Be happy, swim free!

    Special thanks to Little Orca, Raina, SeaGlass, Pearlie, and many more for inspiring me to be the best mermaid I can be!

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    Welcome back to the community! I hope we get the opportunity to swim together, one of these days!
    (Formerly known as Æolius)


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