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Thread: Hello New Merfriends!

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    Hello New Merfriends!

    Hi everyone!

    I am a landlocked mermaid longing for the seas. I am from the desert of Arizona, transplanted to the mid-western prairies of Illinois for grad school. I'm getting my Masters in Environmental Studies, I have to save the whales and all our ocean friends!!!!

    I've been in love with mermaids since the first time I watched The Little Mermaid and would act out Ariel's part while I watched it. Me and my sister would pretend to be mermaids when we swam (what little kid didn't right?) and made our cousin be the bad guy :P I came upon Project Mermaids on IG last year and that was the first time I saw people wearing silicone tails and fell in love. I ended up doing a Project Mermaids shoot last year and knew I had to have one!! This past Thanksgiving I finally gave in and bought a tail, but now I need MORE!!!! I've already decided I want to embark on the adventure of creating my own silicone tail, until I have a real job to buy some of the pros tails! I saw all the posts from Mermania and hoping I can go next year!

    I would love to become a professional mermaid, but I'm getting old, maybe I can at least do parties :P I look forward to getting to know you all and the mermaiding world!

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    Hai Reenie!

    We share a lot in common :o
    But besides that , this network is a very splendid way to get connected to other mers , find out the latest Mer news , and even find out good ways to make your own tail! Silicone , neoprene , fabric , a lot of things! This website is basically merfolk heaven lol.

    It's always exciting to see new mers , and I hope you have a awesome time on MerNetwork!!

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    Welcome to MerNetwork! <3
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    Thank you! I'm sooooo wishing I would have found this place sooner!!!! It's funny I originally found it through mertailor asking for people to go review his stuff....only to find out months after ordering a tail from him, he has a less then stellar reputation. I mainly bought my tail for pics, so I know now it will most likely stretch out easy. I will refrain from swimming in that one to hopefully allow it to last as long as possible and use it for dry situation. And someday save up for a really nice one to swim in ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebela Hunter View Post
    Welcome to MerNetwork! <3
    Thank you! Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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    Welcome, Reenie! Good luck with grad school - I know how rough that can be. Stay warm in IL, and hope to see you at MerMania next year!


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