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    Talking Hi From All Over!

    Hi everyone! I have been a member here for a month or two, but just kind of lurking shyly in the shadows until now. But I thought in honor of the recent National Make a Friend Day, I'd finally introduce myself.

    I'm Melissa, MeliPixie, or just Pixie, whatever you'd like (I'm genderqueer so you can call me by my male name too if you'd like, it's Tobias or Tobi). I'm 28 and I've always always been into mermaids, but I thought others would think it's lame and I should grow up, so I kept it a secret, until the past couple years or so. I was looking at some mermaid art like I often do when I'm alone and I came across the companies FinFun and FinFolk, decided to try and save up for a tail (still saving, lol) and a few months ago I found this forum!

    I don't yet have a mer name or a mersona (is that the word for it?), heck I don't even know exactly what I want my tail to look like! I love the color pink but I want my tail to look more natural than all the (beautiful) brightly-colored ones I see floating around here. Maybe with some green, or like a koi fish. I'm hoping to hash those things out in the near future. I'm also a furry and have a fursona, but that is unrelated to this forum. And I'm also a HUGE Sailor Moon fan! But in real life I'm a slightly plus-size, part Japanese, woman (most of the time) with long brown hair, I help manage a sushi restaurant in the Las Vegas area away from the craziness of the strip. I'm originally from New York, where my boyfriend and I worked for the same restaurant owner. Then the owner sold and opened a ramen joint in LA, and we moved to help him out. He moved us again last year to Vegas for his sushi joint, and eventually we will be headed back to New York to open our own restaurant and be near our families again. We have a golden retriever named Noodles who loves swimming just as much as I do.

    Anyway sorry this is so long, that's me in the smallest nutshell I could manage. Thanks for stopping by my little post! <3
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    Currently deciding on a color/design and saving up for my first tail!

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    Hi! Welcome! You are super cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirenalia View Post
    Hi! Welcome! You are super cute!
    Aw! Thank you so much! ^_^
    Currently deciding on a color/design and saving up for my first tail!


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