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Thread: My First Latex Tail Posses :)

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    My First Latex Kio Fish Tail Making Posses :)

    So I've been working on making my own latex mermaid tail and I though I'd share how I'm doing and maybe get advise I have my flake top done and my side fins and individual scales done. I'm trying to decide it I want to add a dorsal fin or not....I'd have to buy more clay for that but I'm thinking on it. I'm working on a Kio Fish Tail.
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    Plaster Casting for the first time, wish me luck

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    It looks great so far!
    I hope all goes well

    Keep us updated !
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    one out of the two scale scale for my individual scale turned out alright. At less one worked so at lest I didn't lose money

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    I decided I want to be koi fish doitsu sanke type because I look bad in orange, but look great in red but I'm close to buying latex and want to color it. I don't know if I should go with Paint Pigment or just use the acrylic paint we already have.... I've seen both been used before but I'd like advise.

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    I've always used acrylic paint to colour latex. The only colour that should use proper liquid pigment for latex is white.

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    thanks awesome that save on money for me XD My family always been painter so we always have acrylic paint laying around. I'm going to be extra safe and try it out on one of my scale modes that is tiny and small so if it doesn't work not a lot of money down the toilet. :P

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    So my phone pouch water proof case came and it works!!!! No water got on any of the paper towels.

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    Ugh, my latex is coming in today but it's taking forever!!!! I want it here so bad I hate waiting!!! :P but I will because I know my tail will be pretty in the end.
    Here are some picture of some of my plaster modes. I know their some bubble that I help to fix with adding some clay in the holes or left over plaster that will fill the hole whatever works.

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    YAY! Now I'm on to my next part making the plaster mode for the first part of my fluke XD Sorry for not a lot of updated the weather had killed my progress on this project with how wet the air has been. I also got myself some flexible plan lily pads off of ebay to start working on my lily pad top and hair peace I also bough a product I though would work like latex but didn't so I got some real latex this time and I hope it works. -crosses fingers-

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    Cool This looks great can't wait for more updates

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    Looking great! I love your fins
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    I cant wait so see this finished!

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    so my lily pads for my hair pieces and top came today form ebay XD Now to wait for the fake black fish netting to come in the mail. I can't decide if I want to just do lily pads and make the top and hair piece simple....

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    Sorry for not many posts. I got a new job and a BF now so life been busy. Here a picture of my top and somewhat of my hair piece.

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