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Thread: Help me pick a color scheme for my tail?

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    Wink Help me pick a color scheme for my tail?

    Hey everyone I'm going to be commissioning Purple Mermaid Studios to make me a tail soon and I can't decide on the color scheme I like most...

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    Any thoughts or opinions would be fantastic! Thanks

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    I really adore that third one!

    I don't know why, but it really speaks to me. It's uniquely colored - the pink is a great contrast to the gradient-ed green and blue!
    It's also pastel-ish, and it really does stand out
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    For me, it depends on your hair color. If you have a cooler toned hair, then I'd go with 1. If warmer toned or brighter, I'd go with 2 or 3.

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    #2! It looks more natural to me.

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    My hair is a blondish brown, more on the warm side although I'm thinking about dying it soon anyway

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    I love the first and third! The third seems a little more "mer", while the first reminds me more of a fairy. They're both beautiful.

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    I love the first one...that shade of green is my favorite

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    I vote 2! But all are pretty!

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    I really like 2. It reminds me of thistle. The deep green with the light pink is so beautiful.

    The first one is pretty, but not enough contrast, the third one is much more vibrant and fantasy-esque to me. Just my personal opinion though

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    Lime green.
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    Oh I suppose I also should mention that since I'm from New Mexico I was trying to go for a lake or river mermaid style while still keeping it in a style I like (if I wanted to be really accurate I could've chosen a catfish scheme but that's kind of boring hahah) which is why I think I'm stuck between 1 or 2, the third one is a bit too ocean-like I think...
    #2 is pushing it to be honest but it reminds me of the moss that grows around a hot spring where I live so I'm kind of leaning towards #2 but agh I dunno

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    I really like #2. The colors go so well together!

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    I decided on ordering #2
    thank you guys for your input!!
    im so exited about getting this tail!

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    the second one)
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    My favorite is 3, but i agree it looks more like an ocean mer. #2 is stunning as well and i think it matches a river or lake mermaif better. Congrats on the tail! That is a gorgous fluke design!
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