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Thread: Mermaid Music

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    Mermaid Music

    Figured this was the best place to post this topic.

    I had my ipod on shuffle and Mermaids by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds came up. It got me thinking about songs about mermaids. I feel like making a playlist so does anyone have any favourite mermaid songs they'd like to share?
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    My favorite mermaid songs are 'Mermaid' by Train, 'Loreley' by Blackmore's Night, Jolly Sailor Bold, the H2O theme song, 'Dive into' by Johannes Hager, and Owl City's 'How I became the sea'.

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    You might appreciate this thread: Mermaid Music
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    If you have Spotify, I seriously love this playlist for instrumental music. (Although there are a couple songs with words that are eerie and cool.) Most of this is copywritten, so you can't necessarily use it in mermaid videos. But it's very cool to listen to.

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    There is a lot of mermaid songs available in itunes. got a lot from there.

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