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Thread: Sensitive skin can't wear a lot of make-up type what do I do?

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    Sensitive skin can't wear a lot of make-up type what do I do?

    I have really sensitive skin like really really bad sensitive skin if I don't wear the right kind of make-up my hole nose has really bad cracked and bloody eczema. Lip strike and mascara not a problem for me it's only make up that I have to be careful with is the stuff that goes right on my cheeks and nose.
    I know maybelline, neutrogena, l'oreal, and other band don't work....I have to have hypoallergenic make-up. Al-way's hypoallergenic make-up work for me and elf face primer....anyone know a good band of make-up for under water that is good with really picky and sensitive skin?

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    Honestly, I've gone swimming with regular powder foundation without it coming off. I'm not sure if it just works like that because of my skin type though. Have you tried bareMinerals?

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    Batrmonerals I do use the powder stuff all ready, and does get me a problem.

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    mermaid minerals is all natural and hypo!

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    Hello everyone. My daughter is facing foundation related makeup problems. As I have sensitive skin and I have never put on makeup by myself, I have no idea how to help my daughter with her problem. My closest friend suggested my daughter to browse around this website and find suitable tools for hiding her dark spots and to get the smooth looking skin. Tutorial for applying concealer and foundation on the face will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    well for none water proof I've realized foundation primer helps a lot before you put on your normal make up.

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    I want to preface this by saying I am in no way a dermatologist or makeup artist.

    My skin type is combo/oily (leaning more oily) and I have type 1 rosacea, acne and sensitivities to certain ingredients in skincare and makeup. Namely, bee venom, strawberries and their extract, large amounts of niacinimide, and products with heavier consistencies. I'll be tackling this issue with the previous perspective in mind.

    Skincare is extremely important to keep in mind, because the condition of one's skin greatly effects how well makeup will do its job. It's like priming a canvas before applying the paint. I've noticed that taking care of my skin first gives my makeup a longevity it didn't have before.

    Dark spots, discoloration, freckles and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (the purple/blue/brown spots left after acne has healed) can be reduced or removed over time using alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). Keep in mind that AHA products vary in intensity and in what type of acid is being used in the product. It's always best to introduce acids slowly into a skincare regimen, using the acid once every 7-10 days before deciding if increasing the frequency is something your skin can handle.

    For example, I have some post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation left over from acne, and icepick acne scars. I use this: Alba Botanica Mini-Peel ( ) It's inexpensive and easily available. It uses fruit acids (likely citric, I just don't have the bottle in front of me) to encourage cell turnover rate, which reduces scarring, dark spots and sun damage over time.
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    When introducing acids into a skincare routine, always wear sunscreen! Acids will increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. I recommend using acids at night because of this.

    AHA will also smooth your skin's texture over time, allowing makeup to have a smoother appearance.

    Also be sure to select a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Since I'm oily, my skin feels like it's suffocating beneath heavier, more occlusive cremes (even though I LOVE THEM ) so I use several thin layers of more watery moisturizers. I use items with licorice extract and green tea to calm my acne and redness from rosacea. I find that if I moisturize well about an hour before swimming, my skin doesn't feel as tight, dry and itchy.

    Beta-hydroxy acids work to loosen clogs in the skin and flush out dirt and sebum. It's oil-soluble, which means it cuts through greasy skin. BHA helped save my skin from pressure caused by clogged pores. It takes a few applications, but it's pretty effective at loosening blackheads and breaking down nasty gunk. I use CosRX Blackhead Power Liquid, which is found on Amazon (it's pretty cheap too, and lasts quite a while. I've had my bottle for over a year before running out.) If memory serves, the concentration is about 6-7% salicylic.

    (Sorry I'm breaking these up into multiple posts, I didn't want to make this HUGE text wall.)
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    I can go a bit into cleansers but I'll be brief - skin is acidic in nature, and using cleansers with a high pH value can disrupt your skin's natural acid mantle and cause irritation, dryness, redness and other problems. My rosacea got so irritated when I was using a Neutrogena acne cleanser (it's orange/amber-colored and in a pump bottle) and I couldn't figure out the problem until someone pointed out its high pH content. I switched to a low pH cleanser and my skin LOVES IT.

    Anyway, onto MAKEUP!

    I'm also someone who can't use BareMinerals. I'm not sure what's in it that irritates me, but I find it also clings like crazy to fine lines and any dry patches or acne I may have going on. The powder foundation seems to dry out the acne further and makes it itchy and uncomfortable. Even with primer, I have this problem, and had to stop using BareMinerals about 4 years ago. BareMinerals contains bismuth, which I've read can cause reactions in people. That could be why I had a problem, but I don't know for certain.

    Don't quote me on this, but I feel as though powder foundation works well for oily skin, and creamy/liquid foundation works well for dry skin. Powder doesn't adhere to dry skin, and creamy foundation is too heavy for oily skin (usually) because of the sebum and makeup interacting. I've have cream foundations slide off my face in a disgusting mess. Ugh, it was SO GROSS. This isn't even talking about the ingredients in the makeup itself.

    Since I'm more in the middle but lean oily, I've been experimenting with inexpensive foundations until I happened upon the one that works (fairly well) for me. It doesn't last all day, but it does what I want it to. I highly doubt it would work in the water though, and I tend to go bare-faced when mermaiding with the exception of waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The foundation I use is Missha Perfect BB Cream in #13, but now makeup companies in the West are creating cushion foundations in a wider variety of colors.

    BB creams are hit-and-miss since the Korean ones are formulated in like... 3 shades ever, so I'd recommend looking at Western versions, keeping in mind that most Western BB creams are simply tinted moisturizers with a little bit of color. True BB Creams are more like foundation in a creamy consistency. L'oreal's Lumi cushion foundation has gotten some pretty rave reviews from what I've seen, but I haven't tried it myself.

    Places like Sephora and Ulta will give you decants or samples from a variety of products if you ask their sales associates, which might help you find a foundation that works better for you.

    If you happen to know your skin type and color (MAC has a standardized color chart, and many people find other foundation brands using MAC's color as comparison), I can help find some recommendations. I'm MAC NC10-15, which is cool and pinkish in color.
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