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Thread: Merman Blix on Tosh.0

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    Merman Blix on Tosh.0

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    Oh this is so cool! I LOVE Tosh, and Blix was funny as hell! This is another great thing for our mermaid community! <3

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    Yes! Oh my gosh. They were hilarious.

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    Haha! Good for him. And I'm glad they didn't completely bastardize the concept of mermen, it was genuinely funny.
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    Kalani that what my worry was being a merman myself. I love how they handle it.

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    I did find it pretty racist undertones.... like a lot. I am not a fan of Tosh at all but I love eric, so i support him!

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    My mom called me into the room when this came on. I honestly didn't pay attention much when they were talking because I was distracted trying to remember his name lol, so I'm glad you posted this.

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    Blix is amazing!
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