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Thread: A random theory I had about mermaids combing their hair.

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    A random theory I had about mermaids combing their hair.

    I was thinking about how I'm not a fan of the image of mermaids constantly brushing their hair and looking in the mirror as it makes them seem shallow. But then I thought perhaps mermaids have to comb their hair out of the water because it's hard to do so underwater. Maybe they don't spend that much time brushing their hair but because it is one of the main reasons why they would surface humans are more likely to see them doing so and therefore associate mermaids with hair brushing. Perhaps because most mermen have short hair they don't need to spend as much time combing it so they spend less time out of the water, hence fewer merman sightings and fewer merman folktales.
    Like I said a bit random but I had to share it. Am I the first to think this or not?
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    It's a very cool theory! It makes perfect sense.

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    Yeah that makes sense! Plus if mermaids brush their hair underwater, it just floats everywhere and gets all tangled again. Of course, I think it would do mermaids good to cut their hair short so it doesn't get tangled much at all in the coral. Works for me
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    I love this idea! It would make for a cute conversation between a mer and a human in a story or movie.

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    This is a cute theory. I like it.
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    I like this theory!
    Makes a ton o' sense!
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    I feel the same way. If you have long hair or hair that is prone to tangling (I have both) then you will soon understand why mermaids spend lots of time brushing their hair. My hair gets tangled enough when I am not even doing anything - like seriously how do girls go outside in the wind and come in still with silky, straight hair and I come inside with my hair all over the place. Once I go swimming I get little knots in it all over the place. I can imagine it being a nightmare trying to brush your hair underwater. Maybe I should try it sometime to see what happens haha. I would image that it would be hard to keep track of what area you already brushed because your hair would be floating around. Then once you brush out one area it would probably re-tangle itself. Maybe a better option would be to wrap your hair in kelp haha.

    The brushing could also be for getting all the sand and aquatic plant fragments out of their hair too. No one wants rotting seaweed stuck in their hair...At least I don't because you get to land then you wonder what that smell is and you see something green in your hair and you are like, "Aww man I should have known this was going to happen. I wonder if anyone else saw me walking around with this green thing stuck in my hair?"
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    Yeah... I'm a siren, but I've actually made up my mind that I'm not going to deal with any of that and instead braid or twist my hair before taking a swim. My hair is almost down to my butt, and because I'm 5'7", that's really long. So... no mermaid hair brushing for me. I actually don't even brush it when it's wet after showers and things since my hair likes to pretend it's alive and having a knot contest whenever it's wet! I'll have to figure out a super mermaidy hairstyle that contains my hair well.

    BUT I do LOVE this theory.

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    Love this!

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