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    Red face Hello from Utah

    Hey everyone! My name is Chelsea, and I joined Mernetwork about a month ago. Sorry I haven't introduced myself sooner!

    So a couple things about me...

    I grew up in Orange County, CA but now I live with my husband, Sam and golden doodle puppy named Stella near Provo, UT.

    I work as a customer service rep at a call center and my husband is going to school.

    I am a Mormon and I went on a mission for my church in Cincinnati, Ohio! It was an amazing, challenging experience and I am so glad that I went.

    I moved to Utah afterward and then met my husband here.

    I've always loved mermaids. I was one of those kids that would watch The Little Mermaid every day, and then pretend to be a mermaid every time I went to the beach or a swimming pool. One time when I was little my mom caught me sticking my legs in a pillowcase... As I grew older I kinda grew out of it, as most people probably do. I always loved swimming though, and I was on a swim team in high school which gave me the opportunity to work on my swimming technique and breath hold. At that point I never thought to be a mermaid though.

    After high school I started living real life, and I got into a rut this past year because I tried and failed at a new career path, and I was feeling really discouraged. I just kept thinking about how much I wanted to have a "thing" that I could put my heart and soul into that could also help me have a business. I realized after looking around that there were people actually making mermaiding into a hobby, or even a career! It blew my mind! Then all my childhood fantasies came back and I was reminded of how much I love mermaids and swimming and the ocean... And I absolutely love working with kids. Right now it just feels like such a perfect thing for me. The funny thing is I still haven't bought a mermaid tail or even a monofin yet. But I'm making serious plans to in the next couple of weeks! Just gotta make sure I have the money, haha.

    Just a question for you mer-people--I'm trying to decide what I want to do for my tail. I understand that it's not recommended to have a silicone tail be my first one (and there's no way I could afford one right now anyway), but I was trying to figure out a way that I can make a fabric or neoprene tail that looks realistic enough, but doesn't cost and arm and a leg... What have you all done to make your tails look spiffy?

    Thanks guys!

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    YAY! Another Mormon! Can't wait to see more of you around here!
    Something I've been aching to try to make is a sequin tail. I love the look of the individual scales! I haven't made one yet, but there are plenty of mers who have and I'm sure you can find some threads full of tips and tricks. Whatever you choose, I wish you luck!
    PS: I have a golden doodle too! Her name is Ceres.

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    Welcome to the Mernetwork. Beyond the the Great Salt Lake, it must be had to find water to swim in. I lived in Summit County about 20 minutes west of Park City back in 2000. I think there is an ATT call center in your area. I only lived that in that area for 9 months. Welcome
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    Welcome to MerNetwork!

    About fabric tails not being realistic enough... That's why I still haven't made one after a long time of thinking. Neoprene is thicker than the usual swimwear fabric and would make for a slightly better looking tail, but it's more expensive and, from what I've seen so far, harder to paint realistically. Especially if you want the colors on the waist to fade into the tone of your skin. I still haven't figured that out either.

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    Thanks, everyone for the warm welcome! Strangely enough there are a few lakes, swimming pools and reservoirs you can swim in, but I'm still trying to find one that has the beautiful clear water you Floridians enjoy! The closest thing I can think of is Bear Lake up at the border of Idaho, but it still doesn't come close!

    As for my tail, I think I'm just going to need pick SOMETHING otherwise I'm just never going to do it. So first step, monofin, second, try to come up with a tail haha. I thought I read somewhere that some people will paint with acrylic and then seal it with a layer of silicone? I just hope that the silicone wouldn't peel off. If it didn't then that might be a solution for the neoprene. But yes, then it starts getting expensive.

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    Welcome! It's nice to have more mer's nearby! I'm up in Pocatello, Idaho. I know there's a few mers in SLC. If you're ever gunna be in Poky, drop me a message. I know a few mer-freindly pools. ^__^

    It depends on the fabric. I've seen custom made fabric (more expensive than regular swim fabric) that is very realistic.
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    It's nice to meet you Chelsea. Welcome to MerNetwork!

    As far as creating a realistic and cheap tail, or buying one: I would suggest looking at the tail making forums. One of the tails I own is a FinFun tail which isn't that expensive, its only around two hundred dollars and the fabric is made to look extremely realistic; the fabric looks like scales. Another option would be to make a sequin tail; you sew shell sequins (or any sequin that you want) onto scuba or neoprene fabric. This would cost around the same price, not including buying yourself a monofin which (depending on your foot size) is roughly 40-100 dollars.

    If you want a cheaper tail, I would suggest either buying from FinFun, or start looking at the fabric tails to find a realistic one you like. Good luck!
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    Hey Chelsea! I am also near Provo UT! We should meet up for a swim! I have a some FinFun tails and a Mahina that you could try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mermaidminya View Post
    Hey Chelsea! I am also near Provo UT! We should meet up for a swim! I have a some FinFun tails and a Mahina that you could try!
    Omg Minya I didn't see your message until just now! I would totally love that! I actually just got a rapid monofin but I'd love to try a fin fun! Where do you usually swim?

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