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Thread: Looking for a Mermaid!

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    Looking for a Mermaid!

    Hello Mermaids!

    I hope its alright for me to post a photoshoot inquiry! Anyway, i'm looking for a stunning subject to shoot this spring in the CT, USA area! I have a makeup artist on board who is going to be doing a full head-to-torso-fantasy makeup. The theme is "River Mermaid" and we'd be shooting in an area with lillypads/tall sea grass ect ect. Of course you'll be getting all of the final images from the shoot!

    We're looking for a mermaid who:
    Has a realistic looking tail
    Size 2-14
    Can sit for 2+ hours for makeup
    Can take direction well

    You can view my work at

    I can't wait to swim with you!


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    What a dream this would be to do I want to get a realistic tail soon


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