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Thread: Bleaching Fishing Net

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    Bleaching Fishing Net

    Hey everyone, I was looking for some advice. I'm searching for some pure white fishing net to put on a top, but most of what I find is a yellowy off white. The few pure white things I find are either too expensive for me or take over a month to get shipped to me. So, I was wondering if anyone here knew if it was possible to bleach the netting you can get from craft stores into the white I want without ruining it? I don't have any experience with bleaching things and I don't want to bleach something and destroy it! Thanks!

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    It depends on what the netting is made of, say for instance cotton, polyester, nylon or what have you, and also what was used to color it. Do you have any of that info possibly?

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    I don't know, it's just the brown fishing net from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, the page doesn't give much information.

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    I bought some from Michael's a while back. The smell was pretty bad, so I put a few drops of bleach in a sinkful of water and swished it around. The bleach worked enough in that small amount to lighten the netting a bit. What I was doing wasn't so intense a bleach, of course, but it worked, the fibers stayed strong and it's currently hanging on my wall.

    If I were in your situation, I'd try washing the net with bleach and then using Rit Dye Whitewash, or another white dye.

    And if it doesn't work out, there is this:

    Fish Netting Natural White

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    Thanks! I might try lightly bleach washing the off white one you linked, as shipping seems to be a really good price from that site.

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    You could always make your own. Most craft stores should sell different sorts of string, rope and cord. Look for something soft and you won't end up scratching constantly while wearing it!

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    Great suggestion! I make netting in small amounts often. I started off with improvised tools, but eventually acquired a kit online.

    This is the site I learned from:

    And I personally find that bamboo is the softest, most comfy to work with. Bamboo cord/string, etc., is sold in most craft stores, and online. Hemp is sturdy, and every company's feels unique as far as how coarse or stiff it is.

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    So, I ordered the net from the site deepblue linked. I put it in a bucket of water and used the recommended amount of bleach from the bottle. After 3 hours, it hadn't changed color much so I dumped some more bleach in there. Not long after that, I got the pure white I was looking for! Thanks for the advice, and for linking that site! Also, thanks for the diagram LouLouBelle! It will definitely help if I need to make my own netting!


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