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Thread: Hotel Del Coronado mermaiding

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    Hotel Del Coronado mermaiding

    Hello Pod!
    So I was looking around, and the famous Hotel Del on Coronado island (san diego)
    is offering "mermaid fitness" classes! They use fabric tails available by rental. While
    Classes are $25 each, i don't have any clue if the teachers are actual merms or just
    aerobics trainers with tails. Do any of you know of any other beginner classes for
    real mermaiding in the socal region?

    -Melodica <3

    Here's the link:

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    No, I can't find any other classes. Im thinking about going to this one for fun lol. The website says it's an adult class I'll call tomorrow to see what they actually teach. The pics on the website shows them standing in the tails though which I don't believe to be a good habit, unless necessary.
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    I have always thought that the Del on Coronado would be the ideal location for a mermaid convention.

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    Okay I just got off of the phone with them. locals get a better price with id. You can bring your own tail. It's just a workout class she said there will be swimming and it is mainly a core workout for your abs. But since there will be swimming I think that this class could be good for beginner mermaids because you will have someone there to tell you what you're doing wrong if you can't seem to swim well. I think it'll be fun I might check it out in a week or two.

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