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Thread: Hydra Monofins

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    Hydra Monofins

    I was just wondering if the Hydras were available from any United States sellers yet. Every time I think about buying one, the shipping discourages me. Also, the Hydras are a firm plastic, correct? Not rubber? I want to use them for silicone.

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    I bought mine a while back on and the shipping was only about $20. Total the order came to $87! I absolutely loooove the hydra, it's a dream to swim with. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

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    Awesome, thank you! I've sent them an inquiry.

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    I also adore my Hydra 😊 The blade is made from Polypropylene, but the side ribs & foot pockets are a rubber-like material - it sure if it's real rubber or synthetic, but I think it's safe for silicone curing if I remember correctly.

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    Buying one soon! Swam in one a while ago, they. swim. PERFECT~!


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