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Thread: Help me decide my new tail!

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    Help me decide my new tail!

    So guys I'm going to review the Magictail Pro but I am having a tough time deciding on which design. I had help narrowing it down from four and now it's the final choice!

    Or Venus?

    Which one would I look best in?
    Faithonthebass Out

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    I vote the Venus since you already have a purple tail and the colors are really unique! I also think it will go well with your hair color

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    Venus. I like both but I think Venus.

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    And the winner iiiiiiiisss


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    Faithonthebass Out

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    Yey! Congratulations, can't wait to hear how it goes.

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    Hi Faith, love your videos. I can get 10% off Magictails for you and your viewers. DM me. I'm a rep for them in the US and got to test drive the first Magictail Pro prototypes
    Lauren Chu ~ Mermaid Soluna @HamptonsMermaid
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