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Thread: Individual Sillicone or Latex scale on fabric, did it work?

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    Individual Sillicone or Latex scale on fabric, did it work?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone ever done individual scale of silicone or latex on fabric but sewing of sticking them on? I love the look individual scales but sticking them onto scale sheet seems like a lot of extra work and money. I think it be nice if I could could put them on fabric but sewing them on so if I need to take in or add to the side I can do it easy. If someone does something like this you mind sharing your picture and experience with work with this method?

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    If you sew them on you will perforate the silicone and the tiny holes you make while sewing will cause the silicone to tear over time. If you really want to sew them you can try to add a bit of silicone on too of the stitching to try and close the holes.

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    I am a little confused. You do not use a scale sheet when doing individual scales. You make a body mannequin, cover it in powermesh, pin each scale individually and then coat in silicone.
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    I have fabric I plan to make for my leg cover, and then I plan to make individual scales and either sew them on your glue them on some how. Could I stick the scale on my tail if I use E6000 glue to stick on my individual scales.
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    I use (white) lycra as a base for my dragonskin silicone scales to glue on with some more dragonskin, as this is the only way to do it.

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