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Thread: Best wigs?

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    Best wigs?

    So I looked back a few pages and didn't notice any threads on this.
    But I'm wondering where to get the best wigs for mermaiding? I know some mers wear them but which kind is best for a variety of water (chlorine and salt) and which stay on well and look realistic and don't tangle too much etc.
    I'm ideally looking for a long opal coloured wig. Something similar to this:
    I have almost black hair naturally and don't want to dye it.

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    Hello, aquamarie! Nice name

    I don't know much about this topic, but Raina has made YouTube videos that may explain what wigs work and how to hold them on in water. [This is about hair care, may mention something about wigs] [This one is specifically about wigs, but I personally haven't watched it myself]

    I'm assuming, since you mentioned water, you'd want to wear it while mermaiding dry and water events, right? Hopefully those help!
    I don't know what kind of hair or wigs would work well in water, but those videos might mention something! And I'm sure Raina herself or some other experienced mers will respond to you pretty soon <3

    Good thing you won't dye your hair because, from what Raina and other mers have said, chlorine MELTS HAIR THAT IS DYED! So please, keep to it and just get a wig :P No need to make a bald mermaid!
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