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    Moderator edit: As of August 16th 2019 we are back to approving reviews! But please remember in order for your review to be published we really need you to follow these rules. We are contacting some folks to ask them to provide more information for their reviews so we can verify they actually are customers. Thanks so much!

    We're proud to unveil a new way for users to share truthful, helpful reviews with the community. All reviews are now posted using a structured review system that makes posting reviews simple and easy. Additionally, users are no longer allowed to post comments on reviews, since in the past this lead to disagreements. Anyone who wishes to respectfully discuss tailmakers and share their opinion is welcome to do so in the regular forums.


    1. Do not post a review until after you have received you tail, and used it at least once.
    Otherwise it can not be a true review of the product. If you wish to complain about delays or poor customer service, or post a review after unboxing but before first use, please discuss that in a forum thread.

    2. You must provide proof of purchase.
    Due to abuse of the system, you MUST provide proof of purchase within your review. This can be a photo of you in your tail, or a photo of your tail with a piece of paper with "" written on it, placed on or near your tail so it can be clearly seen in the photo. This photo can be embedded (see instructions on how to do so below), or the photo can be linked to via url or hyperlink in the review. If you do not include this, your review will not be approved.

    3. Be respectful and objective.
    If you have anything negative to say, please refrain from personal attacks on the tailmaker.

    4. Share useful information.
    Discuss the item's color, texture, weight, quality and shipping condition. You also may wish to describe the tailmaker's customer service and delivery time. Describe how it worked in the water, the process of getting it on and off, and other useful information.

    5. Be truthful to the best of your ability.
    Deliberately false or misleading information in reviews will not be tolerated.

    Be aware that approval of reviews is at the Admin's discretion. If we have reason to believe a review is falsified, we will remove it.

    How to insert photos:

    It's come to my attention that some users are able to post photos while some are not. There's a simple code work around for this issue if you're having it and want to post photos. You just need to use BB Code to insert the images.

    You can do this while posting, or if you've already posted you can go back and edit your post. If you're editing your post, click "Go Advanced" at the bottom right. If you're just posting you will already be in the advanced editor. Once there, at the top left of the formatting box Click the first button that has the A/A symbol. Scroll down to where you want to put your image click. To put in the code you need to use [IMG] tags. For this to work you need to have the photo posted elsewhere. It can be on a blog, a photo hosting site like photobucket, minus, tumblr, or on Facebook.

    Make sure that the url is a direct link (not the display page for the photo). To do this, once the image is uploaded to the host, right click the photo and click "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image URL". If you do not have either of these options, please check this page on how to do it on your specific browser. Once you have the image URL, take it and put it between the [IMG] tags.

    For example [ IMG ][ /IMG ]

    But take the spaces in between the []'s and IMG out ; I only typed it that way so the code would show up. When you do that it comes out like this:

    If you want to make sure the photo came out right, after you have put in the code click the A/A button again and it will display it as WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet rather than the coding, changing your coding into the image.
    If your image does not display after you change it back to the rich text editor, or only shows a broken image icon, you did not do it correctly. Please make sure you're using a direct link and the code is correct and try again.
    If you have any problems posting photos, please feel free to PM me or Winged Mermaid for help.

    Hope that helps anyone who is having issues!

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